The 4 Keys to Success in Home Inspection

You need to master four key skills to become an accomplished professional home inspector. Let’s look at each of the four areas.

The 4 key skills for success are:

  1. Technical Knowledge
  2. Verbal Communication
  3. Report Writing
  4. Business Skills including Marketing
  1. Technical

A solid education is essential for developing competency as a home inspector. You need to master the inspection process including recognizing performance issues and reporting them concisely. Your goal is to help clients make an informed decision when buying a home and effectively manage it once they settle in.

A professional home inspector has a broad understanding of all house systems including the Roof, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Interior, Exterior, Plumbing and Insulation.

Strong technical skills provide an excellent foundation for you to build your business.

  1. Verbal communication

Clients, buyers’ agents and sellers’ agents typically attend the home inspection. The seller may also participate in the inspection. Good verbal communication skills are important. A successful home inspection includes the following elements:

  • An inspector who takes charge of the process naturally and confidently.
  • The inspector outlines the inspection scope and sets the pace.
  • The inspector discusses his/her findings in clear, simple terms, and makes sure the clients understand the message.
  • The conversation helps clients keep things in perspective.
  • A summary of key points is included at the end, with the client asking clarifying questions.

Good inspectors avoid emotional issues and personal opinions.

  1. Report writing

A successful home inspection depends on a good report that communicates findings clearly. Clients will not remember the entire discussion. A well-written report helps clients make an informed decision and can be an effective marketing tool. Illustrations and photos can bring the report to life and enhance communication – a picture is worth 1000 words.

A great report helps to establish your credibility and minimize liability. The best report writing tools help you create top premium quality reports quickly, easily and consistently.

  1. Business

Home inspection is a professional consulting practice. The business activities include marketing and sales, finance, operations, scheduling and archiving. Sales and marketing in home inspection is more about education and communication than hype. You will work with clients and real estate sales professionals. It’s important to follow best practices and ethical guidelines to build your success. Your behavior as a professional consultant will enhance your credibility and strengthen your reputation.


The best starting point for a successful career in home inspection is a great training program. A strong report writing tool and a well-defined and professional approach to business will help tremendously. Field training and practical experience allow you to develop mastery of the home inspection profession.

Our 10-course Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Training Program walks you through everything you need to know, and prepares you for success. To learn more, download a free chapter today and experience our one-of-a-kind training. After 36 years as leaders in the profession, we know it works!

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