Very impressed

“I have been through many well organized courses, but have never before enjoyed this kind of support from any organization. All this at a very reasonable price with a schedule that you can take to your own liking. Very impressed!”

— Goran Stajic

Gold standard in the industry

“I feel very confident in the knowledge I have acquired through the Carson Dunlop training program. The program is well organized from the guides to the study material, webinars, discussion boards and exams were all very clear and easy to understand. The administrative and tutors were accessible and very helpful. I feel proud to have graduated from a program that is widely known as the gold standard in the industry and truly stands up to its name. I highly recommend the Carson Dunlop School of Home Inspection to anyone looking to achieve highest level of training and knowledge in this field.”

— Pouya Pakzad

Best decision I ever made

“It truly showed me what a home inspection should be, and to deliver above and beyond the provincial standards. I would have to say that this program was the best decision I ever made. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into the field of home and property inspections. This program is extensive, detailed and the instructors are always there to help you out if you need it.”

— Rory Sachs

Enhance knowledge & experience

“Thank you for giving me the chance to join the 3 day Home Inspection Field Training. It provided me with great & very valuable information related to the real home inspection world. I strongly recommend the Home Inspection field training for other students who are close to graduating, as it will enhance their knowledge & experience thoroughly at the beginning of the challenge.”

— Yousef Aboushakra

100% recommended

A great opportunity for people looking for a successful future in the home inspection field. Very supportive instructors and education service team, I recommend Carson Dunlop 100%!

— Hisham E.

Highly recommended

“It seems to me that Carson Dunlop is the most relied upon source for accurate information in the home inspection profession. I am proud to say that I have successfully completed the Course. I rely heavily upon its content, and would highly recommend it to others.”

— R. Segouin

Very impressed

“I just finished the Home Inspection Course and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the Course itself. I did a lot of research on courses and yours has them all beat.”

— B. Hanshar

In depth program

“I liked the whole Program. The Course is so in depth and is by far superior to any other program on the market. The tests are excellent and are a great preparation tool.”

— Harry L.

Great course

“I’d definitely recommend The Course to anyone who was serious about the home inspection business. Great Course!”

— John B.

User friendly education

“Many thanks to the comprehensive and informative, yet user friendly education system that you have produced. I can’t imagine going into home inspection without it.”

— T. Walker

Complete Training Program

“It was very thorough! I do not come from a construction related career and was looking for a complete Training Program to feel comfortable with my new career. This Program was great. I am finding that I know things that other seasoned inspectors don’t. This is exactly what I needed.”

— Ben P.

Very detailed

“It’s a marvelous course by Carson Dunlop, covering every detail and every small thing that we will come across in the home inspection field!”

— Syed A.

Great customer service

“The customer service was great. There was always someone available to answer my questions. The written material is also incredible. It was amazing to find out how much I did not know about home inspection. Without your terrific financing I could not have and would not have taken this Program.”

— G. Oswalt

Well written and easy read

“I have read the Communications and Professional Practice Module and found what I thought may be a bit of a dry read instead was a very knowledgeable, well written and easy read. I have found the Roofing Module the same. I have taken many different training courses on many different subjects in the field that I am in now. I perceive that this Carson Dunlop Course is at the top of the hill and raising the bar in the home inspection profession. Thank you kindly for that.”

— Bill Barber

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