The Best Way to Improve Your Home Inspection Business

Anyone who owns a business is always on the lookout for ways to improve it. A solid home inspector training program should contain business and communication skills that help you run your business professionally and efficiently. While improving the accessibility and quality of your service is a way to improve business, this can only get you so far. The real trick to improving your home inspection business is to know what your clients are thinking.

Take a Look into the Mind of Your Clients with Listen360

A great way to find out what your clients are thinking is to use Listen360. Listen360 is an online survey tool which allows you to measure customer satisfaction with just a few simple questions. It uses this information to measure the net promoter score (NPS).

We ask customers to let us know how likely they are to recommend our inspection services on a scale of 1 to 10.

Once this is answered, Listen360 measures how many of your clients are detractors, fence-sitters, or promoters, as you can see below:

The Best Way to Improve Your Home Inspection Business

By knowing what your client satisfaction looks like, if you make changes to your service, you’ll be able to see the change in satisfaction.

Depending on the response, Listen360 will ask a follow-up question with a text box to gain a little more insight into your client’s thoughts about your service. There are three possible follow-up questions:

  • Promoters – What did you like about our service?
  • Fence-sitters – What could we do to improve?
  • Detractors – How did we disappoint you and what can we do to make things right?

This is a great way to get specific answers and make specific adjustments to your services to maximize client satisfaction over time.

One of the best things about Listen360 is that it’s all automated—you won’t have to remember to send out client surveys, because it does that for you automatically. By learning more about your clients wants and needs and finding patterns within the responses, you can learn more about how to improve your home inspection business in specific ways, without the time-wasting and expense that comes with trial and error.

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