How to Grow Your Home Inspection Business – Part Two

In this post, we continue to look at some of the best ways to grow your home inspection business.

Stay Up-to-Date on New Technology

As important as foundational home inspector training is, staying up to date on the latest home building and technology advancements gives you an edge on your competitors. Newer methods are often more efficient and accurate, saving you time and avoiding problems. A good example of this is our unique thermal protocol, using infrared cameras to identify moisture issues in homes. Water is the Number 1 enemy of homes, so this is very important to our clients. Here’s an example of what you can see with an infrared camera vs. a regular camera:

Thermal imaging

Offer Service Packages

Offering different home inspection packages is an excellent way to increase your business growth, because the needs of your clients differ. It’s a good idea to offer several levels of servicing, from a basic home inspection package to packages with additional specialty inspections, such as for mold or indoor air quality.

Base Your Prices on Value, Not Your Competitors

Facing off against your competitors to provide the lowest price creates a situation where you both lose. Instead, base your prices on the value you provide. You may consider increasing your prices as well. We recommend doing this in small, odd amounts about twice per year, and not announcing increases. Make sure you keep up with inflation, and don’t let increasing costs erode your bottom line.

Write Professional, Concise Reports

Reports are the long-lasting element of your inspections, so they should be accurate, professional, and concise. Keep descriptions short to avoid confusing your client, and include images to add clarity. Also, it’s good practice to speak generally when describing house components (e.g. wood instead of cedar) to minimize your liability.

Report writing software, like Horizon, provides an efficient way to create professional reports every time. Saving report writing time can help you to build your business tremendously, because you’ll have time to do more inspections, do more marketing, or have more time for yourself and your family. You can also personalize your reports, making them a powerful marketing tool.

Use Surveys to Assess Client Satisfaction

An excellent way to improve your business is to assess the satisfaction of your current clients. Use a simple one-question survey with a text box where your clients or agents can give feedback on what they like about your service and how they think you can improve.

At Carson Dunlop we use Listen360, a survey tool that allows you to measure satisfaction and feedback, and puts testimonials on your site. It also allows you to respond to any client issues in order to show that you have good support, and to drive sales. The great thing is that it’s all automated, so you can set it up and never have to worry about sending out surveys again!

Building and growing a successful home inspection business isn’t hard when you’ve got solid training paired with strategies and tools like these.

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