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Scott Thompson, BASc, (Civil Engineering), is passionate about home inspection, and an expert on condo inspections. Scott has a reputation for exceeding client expectations.

Why did you decide to become a home inspector?
ST: “It basically boils down to my two big interests: homes and helping people. Being a Home Inspector lets me indulge both. I am helping clients and educating them about their homes — it’s perfect.”

What’s the one thing you wish every homeowner knew?
ST: “I wish every homeowner fully understood the important of seasonal maintenance. Ensuring your home is ready for and protected from the weather can really impact how long its systems and components last.”

What is the most surprising thing you’ve uncovered during a home inspection?
ST: “Some industry professionals are unsure about the value Thermal Imaging Inspections have, but my infrared camera has helped me to uncover some surprising things. At Carson Dunlop, we use our infrared cameras to help identify moisture issues in homes and I have seen some surprising amounts of water where there was absolutely no visible evidence that an issue was occurring.”

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