Josh Natovitch

Josh Natovitch headshot

Josh Natovitch is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) who brings a broad background of home repair and improvement to his inspections. His easy nature and diverse background help him quickly build strong relationships with those he works with.

Why did you decide to become a home inspector?
JN: “I had acquired and developed a diverse amount of knowledge and experience doing residential renovations and repairs. I wanted to use that to help people on the front end, to identify potential issues before they became urgent,  and possibly pricey, repairs.”

What’s the one thing you wish every homeowner knew?
JN: “I think every home inspector needs to recognize that what we see every day, as very common, run-of-the-mill conditions can be very unsettling for new home buyers. As much as we use our observation skills, we need to also use our communication skills to put these conditions in perspective for our clients.”

What is the most surprising thing you’ve uncovered during a home inspection?
JN: “That would definitely be a hand gun. It was on a closet shelf and I noticed it when I climbed my ladder to look in the attic. As someone who’s never fired nor held a gun before, it really freaked me out.”

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