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Hal Woolley, BA, is a veteran member of the team, joining us in 2005. Hal brings a broad range of knowledge and a personable approach to his inspections. Hal has a passion for woodworking and significant experience with timber construction.

Why did you decide to become a home inspector?
HW: “After working for a few years with a custom home builder in Whistler, BC, I received an invitation to reconnect with my Ontario roots and do something equally challenging, equally interesting, but a little less stressful on my body (and my clothes!): Home Inspection.”

What’s the one thing you wish every homeowner knew?
HW: “That, despite what you may have heard, Home Inspectors do not have x-ray vision. We are there for you, we are your advocates, and we have a lot of knowledge, but we do have limitations.”

What is the most surprising thing you’ve uncovered during a home inspection?
HW: “One of the homes I was inspecting a few years ago looked straight for the exterior, but as I went inside to continue my inspection I realized there was hardly a single wall or floor that was plumb or level. After a few measurements, I determined the owner had added a layer of siding that was 4 or 5 inches thicker at the bottom of the wall than at the top. The house was more of a parallelogram than a rectangle!”

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