Home Flood Protection

Basement flooding and water damage is the most common home problem we see at the thousands of Carson Dunlop inspections we perform every year.

These two one-pagers (Is there a better way to reference them?) from our partners at the INTACT CENTRE ON CLIMATE ADAPTATION and the University of Waterloo provide clear, simple steps on how to prevent or minimize basement flooding. We encourage you to follow straightforward advice to protect your home.

We have also worked with these folks to create a training program for home inspectors to help ensure that the home inspection community provides great advice to all homeowners.

As always, our goal is to help keep you warm, safe, and dry in your home. If you have follow-up questions, please call us at 800-268-7070 or email us at inspection@carsondunlop.com .”


Basement-Flood-Protection-Checklist-2019.02.25 (1)

Illustration of the Day

Our inspectors look for thousands of different conditions in homes. These images provide a glimpse into a home inspector’s head. You can also expect to find them embedded in your inspection report to make understanding your property a little easier. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!
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