February 3, 2023 in Uncategorized

Use a Moving Concierge Service and Reduce the Stress of Moving

Anyone who has moved before knows that it’s one of the more stressful points in someone’s life, and this has been proven as true for Canadians in surveys like this. Interestingly, about a third of people surveyed said that they managed their stress by getting better organized, which is exactly what moving concierge services like MovingWaldo help you with.

The reason moving is stressful is due to the sheer number of time-consuming tasks, whether sorting and packing your house, to arranging for the transfer of various home services like internet, TV, and utilities. With that much happening at once, using a moving concierge service will free yourself from the stress and fear of disorganization.

Get end-to end human assistance throughout your move. Don’t forget anything!

Moving concierge services help you through every step of a move, from beginning to end. By accessing your Moving Dashboard, you tackle each task and track your progress as you go. Your dedicated concierge helps with tasks such as finding trusted moving professionals, store or declutter your home, changing your address, and finding new cheap internet plans, just to name a few. At all times, your concierge is available by chat to answer your questions. They make sure to send timely reminders right in your mailbox to make sure you don’t forget anything important.


Hire curated and trusted vendors, and compare your options!

Under the same roof, you have access to a curated network of appropriate services and professionals like trusted movers, cleaning companies, Internet Service Providers, insurance companies, and more. This is a network where professionalism, customer service, awards, accreditations and social proofs are crucial. You don’t have to browse around the web to compare your options anymore.

Get exclusive access to checklists, tips and everything you could have forgotten 

Having access to all of their moving resources in one place means that you will be able to download checklists and read articles about moving preparation, as well as lots of tips and tricks to make sure your move goes as smoothly and timely as possible.

It feels good to know that someone has your back. 

Your moving concierge will support you every step of the way, until you are all settled in at your new home. From finding a mover to setting up services at the new address, a moving concierge is a stress-busting support engine for all home movers.

When planning your next move, take the stress off your shoulders with a moving concierge.