Insight by Carson Dunlop
Inspect with Confidence

Quickly Reference Common Defects, What They Look Like, and How to Report Them

InsightNo inspector can remember all the issues on all the items you might ever see.  Insight puts them at your fingertips, with a list of defects and images showing what you look for.

Insight by Carson Dunlop is an app that gives you answers instantly. With thousands of photos and illustrations in a simple interface, you can see what to watch for and get suggested report wordings.

An On-Site Resource That Helps You Look Like The Expert You Are

insight_4dNever be stuck again.

New inspectors know that there is a gap between their training and what they have to do in the field. Experienced inspectors go into thousands of homes and sometimes see unusual things. Insight provides the answers right away- either in the field or when you are writing your report.

How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Browse or search for the defect using the simple interface.
    Touch the screen when you find a match.
  2. See illustrations and photos of each defect.
  3. Get the right report wording on the spot!


What You Need

Do you have a smart phone or tablet? You’re set!

Insight is an app that loads onto your smartphone or tablet so you can use it in the field.  It is simple to use yet its power is obvious to any home inspector that has ever run into something new in the field. It is faster and more reliable than a desperate Internet search. This makes it a critical tool in any inspector’s toolkit.


It’s Now Available FREE!

We are excited about how this tool will revolutionize home inspection and we’d like you to try it for FREE, with no obligation. We’re convinced that you’ll find this to be an invaluable way to improve your inspections and reporting and provide you with peace of mind.


What Inspectors Say About Insight

  • I’m a new home inspector and I love it, this is a great tool. I would recommend to anyone who’s really interested in providing great service and that cares about what we do for our clients who we represent when we’re in the field.

    Android user

  • The Horizon Insight app you guys are offering gives an inspector the benefit of experience. To have a database of thousands of photos of potential issues in a home and to provide the method in which to convey those issues to a client and all at your fingertips is really nothing short of amazing. I don’t know why I’m always surprised when you guys come up with something else to make my job easier but I am. I’m so glad you’re constantly taking the steps to learn new and innovative ways to allow your users to focus on the home inspection by making the report writing so much simpler.

    Jeff Luther, Home-Probe

  • Once again, Carson Dunlop has developed a user friendly tool, Insight. This APP provides the user both New or Experienced with an easy, on the go way of seeing more real-world issues than they would in several hundred inspections. The suggested report wordings and illustrations are a great help getting you started. It’s like having a Mentor on your phone…

    Murray Parish, President OAHI

  • I’ve been inspecting for almost three decades. I still see things that makes me scratch my head and wonder, what the…..? Insight has helped me describe a couple of these defects. I highly recommend it for “newbies” and seasoned veterans.

    Kevin Westendorff, Lowcountry Home Inspections