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“Love it! The customer service department is outstanding! They are constantly adding new features and upgrades.”

— Chris Clark

“Horizon will make you stand out. It has helped us to be fast and efficient. Less time report writing equals more time for Inspections and higher profit for your time spent.”

— Kenny Larsen

“Horizon is designed and developed by inspectors for inspectors, with the home buyer and realtor in mind. Truly a remarkable way of doing things.”

— Rico Sandoval

“Best report system. It is very easy to learn. It becomes second nature. It is extremely reliable.”

— Rich Malin

“The reports alone have gotten me more home inspections than I can count.”

— David Schmidt

“On average Horizon saves me at least 30 mins per a report. Thanks for making life easy!”

— Chad Block

“Make your report look the way you want. Personally don’t understand why other inspectors are not using Horizon. I have tried several and nothing compares to the quality of their reports.”

— Kyle Turner

“Best by far! I’ve utilized many home inspection report software packages in the past. Horizon in my experience is the crown jewel.”

— Ryan Mackridge

“My challenge was to find an easy to write and understand report writing software, which ended with Horizon. Other inspection companies do not come close.”

— Ken Woolbright

“We get more inspections because our report looks the most professional!”

— Matthew Jaeck

“Blows away my competitors’ reports and I get compliments all the time from clients and realtors. And I believe they are big part of my success.”

— Gregory Swank

Worth every penny

“This Program is worth every penny and more. Talk about a consistent professional report. This is the Program you want to invest in. Should you have any doubt, contact them and ask them if they have any one that would discuss the benefits of this system. I’m sure they will contact me and upon your approval give me your email. I will gladly explain the benefits and time saving features with you.”
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— David W. Gumper, Home Inspection Reporting Software User

The home inspection software to have

“This is the home inspection software to have! Learning curve is small so you can start creating reports with little effort. Online webinars are very helpful and great support from their staff. John’s one day training session on Friday, March 3rd really helped make a difference in the amount of time it will take me to produce a great professional report for clients with all the appropriate industry standards. Thanks!!!”

— Rob Lanoue, Home Inspection Reporting Software User

“Go to” inspector

“I picked up two agents last week when I inspected a house they listed.  Both were so impressed with the report they now use me as their “go to” inspector.

— T. Fuller, Home Inspector

100 percent recommend

“Had a bank just call me after receiving a home inspection report I sent them, they wanted to say thanks and tell me it was the nicest report they ever got, I recommend this software 100 percent”

— Bryan Sanshuck, Home Inspector

I’ve grown my business

“In difficult economic times I have grown my business by 38%! My business and quality of reports continues to impress local agents who now refer me to their clients on a regular basis.”

— Ed Stroz, Home Inspector

Full service business solution

“The software is absolutely awesome! It is a full service business solution for home inspectors. It allows you to get started quickly and also offers more advanced options as you continue to use it. Horizon also provides a one on one over the phone training program that I cannot compliment enough. It simply takes away all the guesswork helping you fully understand the program with confidence.”

— Mike Adams, Home Inspection Reporting Software User

I love it

“Thanks guys for the new Horizon Marketer. I love it as you guys continue improving the system.”

— Chris D. Hilton, Home Inspector

Considerably cut down time

“The ability to take a picture with my iPhone and insert it into the report exactly where it belongs and document the issue all right there with no fuss, doesn’t matter if I’m on the roof or in the crawlspace, has cut down considerably on report writing time. It’s amazing!”

— Jeff Luther, Home-Probe Inc.

Personalized Horizon report

“Armed with your personalized Horizon Report, I know that I am making a very well-informed purchase decision”

— E.S., Homebuyer

Your reports consistently impress

“Your reports consistently impress my clients. They love the clarity, photos, targeted comments and reference information. In my 25 years I’ve never seen another inspection report come close.”

— Allen Meredith, Realtor

Gives us an edge

“It improves the efficiency of our business and just makes us better at what we do. I am also certain that this gives us an edge on our competition!

— Mark & Cindy Hall, HomePro Inspections of the Keys, Inc.

Great customer service

“I am new at home inspection and I would truly recommend this to everybody I speak to. No I am not getting paid for doing this, I just want to let people know that is well organized and very user friendly. Thank you Ariel and Bryan for all of your assistance. Excellent customer service skills you both have. I have nothing to compare this software to from others, however, I know great customer service skills and Horizon has it. Thank you both again for making this and easy transition.”

— Shane Bowman, Home Inspection Reporting Software User

Unbelievable features

“The inspection reports are excellent! Being able to add Site Info and Appliance ancillary sections to my report is a bonus. Picture management, resizing and the report storage feature is unbelievable.”

— Steve Molnar, Home Inspector

Expect to talk to a real person

“Customer support has been second to none. The Horizon team always makes me feel like they have time to listen to my concerns and take the time to walk me through the solutions. Expect to talk to a real person when you need help from customer service or technical service!”

— Paul Picard, Home Inspector

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