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Horizon simplifies your life by integrating with the services you use every day.

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Horizon’s integration with RecallChek makes it simple for your clients to stay up-to-date on the latest recalls, including those that affect the home they’ve purchased. RecallChek checks household appliances identified in your inspection against a growing database of outstanding recalls. If your client’s appliances are affected, they will receive a report and advice on getting it resolved, often for free.

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Guardian Financial

Horizon’s integration with Guardian Financial makes it easy to get paid on time, every time by allowing your clients to pay online. Guardian Financial lets you accept payment anytime, anywhere.

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Eye-Stick® eliminates the need for ladders and helps you inspect extreme heights and dangerous situations from a safe distance. You’ll be able to record, save and evaluate roofs, gutters, attics, crawl spaces and more without the safety concerns that come with ladders, by using the Eye-Stick® wireless video recorder/monitor.

To claim your 13% Horizon user discount, please contact us at Horizon@CarsonDunlop.com to receive your promo code.

The Eye-Stick® is made up of six pole sections, five thumb clamps and a camera mountable head that is fully compatible with the latest camera technology. The camera mount holds both video and digital cameras securely.

Top reasons Eye-Stick® is better than a drone

  1. Less expensive – to buy and maintain
  2. More convenient
  3. Does not need recharging
  4. Works in all weather including wind and rain
  5. No training, licensing or regulations to worry about
  6. Less likely to lose it
  7. Less likely to get in trouble with neighbours
  8. Impresses clients (although drones do as well)

Which one should I buy?

We like the carbon fiber and fiberglass Featherlight. It only weighs 7 pounds and extends to 30 feet. It’s only 6’2″ long when stored.


Horizon users receive a 13% discount, courtesy of Eye-Stick®.

Follow these steps to receive your Eye-Stick®:

  1. Call 866-303-7999 or email Horizon@CarsonDunlop.com to receive your promo code.
  2. Order your Eye-Stick® here.

For product Information, visit the Eye-Stick® website.

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HomeBinder helps you build a stronger relationship with your clients and real estate agents by offering a co-branded maintenance portal, where your clients can keep track of recommended maintenance and repairs. With HomeBinder, your clients will receive maintenance reminders, appliance recall alerts and access to preferred vendors to help them maintain their home (e.g., plumbers, electricians, etc.).

Sign up for HomeBinder   (Use affiliate code: Horizon)
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Inspector’s Edge

Horizon users get a free website and email for 6 months with inspectorsedge.com. Horizon works with Inspector’s Edge — The Website Builder Made Just for Home Inspectors, to help you get your business launched on the internet. It comes with pre-designed templates, photo options, and starter copy written just for home inspectors that you can customize for your business. Add on brochures, business cards and more, to get a complete company brand. If you already have a website or looking for something more custom, Inspector’s Edge can quote you WordPress build options. Inspector’s Edge has a full range of offerings to help with SEO by creating information-rich customized copy; set up for webmaster and Google analytics; website monitoring and analysis; registering local listings and more.

To get started, please call Inspector’s Edge at 1-877-498-3343

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Successful home inspectors know that collecting and acting on client feedback is essential to attracting repeat business and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals. Surveying your customers and analyzing this information can be daunting and tedious.

Fortunately, Horizon’s integration with Listen360 makes this painless by automating the entire process. For only $250 USD/year (less than one inspection fee) Listen360 will:

  • Automatically survey every client (unlimited) with a quick one-question survey
    • We get a 25% response rate!
  • Automatically email client feedback to you
  • Automatically post reviews on your website for you
  • Encourage satisfied customers to share their experience on Google, Yelp, etc.

Totally automated, extremely effective and very inexpensive!
To sign up, please call Horizon support at 1-800-268-7070  ext. 259

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Google Calendar

Horizon integrates with the tools you need to succeed, including Google Calendar. The integration enables you to view your scheduled Horizon inspections in your Google Calendar. If you actively use Google Calendar to keep track of your business activities, you’ll want to make use of this today!

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Nxt Inspekt

Nxt Inspekt

Horizon integrates with Nxt Inspekt administrative software for simple scheduling and synchronization of your booking data to Horizon.

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Inspection Support Network (ISN)

Horizon’s integration with the Inspection Support Network (ISN) allows you to synchronize your work order data seamlessly without the need for double-entry.

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The Ultimate Referral Marketing Program For Small Business.  Fully Automated, App-Integrated, Hands-Off Referral Marketing That WORKS.  It’s the easiest way to get more reviews, referrals and sales.

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