Recent Updates

With Horizon Inspection Software, you will never have to pay for updates to access new features.

Here’s just a few recent updates.

January 2020 (v9.30)

  • Faster & Easier Report Writing – Improved Flexibility
    Based on your feedback, we have made huge changes that will allow you to:

    1. Add new standard items anywhere in the report
      (no need for My Items anymore)
    2. Customize standard items and headings (e.g., change girder to beam, tap to faucet, etc.)
    3. Sort the order in which items appear
    4. Add/edit your own implications to any standard recommendation item
    5. Add/remove any of our 1,800+ illustrations to any standard recommendation item
    6. Add/edit a link on standard items – so you can point people to additional info
    7. Have any standard item automatically appear in every report (previously only possible with My Items)
      • “All electrical recommendations are safety issues and should be corrected immediately”
      • “The heating and cooling systems should be serviced annually by a qualified specialist.”


Don’t forget to hide all the report items you never use. It’s quick to do and saves a bunch of time.

September 2019 (v9.29)

As the last long weekend of the summer is almost upon us, we wanted to share some of the updates we’re making to improve your report writing experience, based on your requests.

  • Removal of Find, Go and Adv Find buttons
    Due to low usage, the Find button and associated textbox, Go and Adv Find OFF buttons will be removed. The Search button is infinitely faster and more powerful.
  • Enhanced Navigation Bar
    We took the opportunity to de-clutter the report writing nav bar. The buttons you use every day to write reports will be displayed on the left. The set-up and administrative buttons used occasionally will be displayed on the right.
  • Smarter Search
    Included in this update are a number of smaller improvements, including changes to the search feature. We’ve added a library of synonyms to make Horizon’s search truly intelligent. Whether you search girder or beam, Horizon’s search is smart enough to understand the context and show you the results you need. We think our intelligent search is a game changer for all those who do not like memorizing databases.
  • Improved Button Name
    We’ve changed the name of *DS to “First System” for clarity. This button allows you to make the system you’re currently on the default system that opens up when writing a report. Just go to the screen/system you want as your default, and click the button. Our default is Roofing Description, but you can change this based on your personal preference.

July 2019 (v9.28)

  • NEW TREC Report Template
    To meet the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requirements, we’ve completely rebuilt our TREC reports to support the TREC REI 7-5 format.
  • Feature Request Forum
    User feedback has always been an essential part of Horizon’s development process and we’re proud to announce an official platform to help users share and vote on new feature suggestions.

May 2019 (v9.27)

  • Import Photos Directly from Your Phone or Tablet
    Acting on your feedback, the Horizon team is proud to announce the ability to import directly from your phone or tablet’s photo gallery. This will not only allow you to import photos taken from outside of Horizon Mobile (e.g., photos from drones, your phone camera or external camera), but also allow you to reuse photos within the report.
  • Deeper HomeBinder Integration
    As mentioned in last month’s webinar, we now have a deeper integration with HomeBinder, allowing users to automatically import appliance recall data and title page photos from Horizon into their Home Binder account. Learn more on how it works and how to use it on our help center.

April 2019 (v9.26)

  • Preset Notes added intelligently to your reports
    With the recent launch of preset recommendations, many Horizon users requested we extend this time saving feature even further.We’re happy to announce that in addition to presetting Location, Task, Time or Cost for any standard recommendation, you can now add a preset Note, so it appears automatically every time you select that item.

March 2019 (v9.25)

  • Intelligent recommendations
    Horizon now lets you preset the Location, Task and Time for any recommendation. Set it up once and never touch it again. Save time, improve your quality and consistency, and reduce your liability.
  • Updated report illustrations
    Over 150 new or updated illustrations have been added to Horizon, while improving the index to make it even easier to find the perfect illustrations for your report.
  • NXTInspekt Integration
    Horizon now integrates with NXTInspect, so work orders booked with NXTInspekt can automatically flow into Horizon for report writing.

January 2019 (v9.24)

  • Report Designer
    Introducing Report Designer, a powerful new element of Horizon that lets you control the presentation of your inspection reports. Report Designer gives you an alternative approach to report writing.

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