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As a home inspector, you spend a lot of your time on report writing. Because of this, you need the right tools to optimize your process and the quality of your reports. After all, your reports are your face to the world. They not only provide clients with valuable information, they also reflect who you are as a business.

 Horizon lets you create professional-quality inspection reports quickly and easily, whether on a mobile device or computer. With its powerful built-in Report Writing features, Horizon makes the process practically automatic.

what you get

With Horizon Report Writing

Sample Horizon Inspection Report with annotated post-it notes

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A powerful Report Writing tool

  • Work online or offline — no internet needed
  • Voice-assistant included for easy search and retrieval of data
  • Search and Speed Write feature adds incredible speed and efficiency
  • The best photo editing, including shapes, arrows, sizing, and captions (custom or template)
  • Completion check so you don’t forget anything
  • Auto-include Location, Task, Time or Notes for any defect to improve speed and consistency

Features added for you automatically

  • Links to technical articles so clients can learn more
  • Illustrations from our legendary Illustrated Home series
  • Implications of defects to help clients understand

Great-looking reports

  • Modern, clear, professional and attractive reports
  • Over 250 title-page designs, or use your own design

Unparalleled Flexibility with Report Designer

  • Create your unique report design
  • Customize your colors, style, layout, font, watermarks, headers, footers and more
  • All the flexibility of a Word document
  • Templates for condos, commercial, pest, etc.

Attach files and include links

  • You can add jpegs or PDFs including photos, contract, special offers, specialist reports, articles, etc.
  • Link to YouTube videos, technical articles, etc.

Plus, you get …

  • 30+ ancillary forms for pool, spa, radon, lead, mold, etc.
  • 500-page Home Reference eBook with each report
  • 1700 color illustrations from Illustrated Home — $219 value
  • Cloud-based storage — never lose your data
  • Automated PDF report delivery

All Report Writing features

Horizon sample reports

Your reports are the finished product of your home inspection work. Great reports help your clients, enhance your credibility and make for effective marketing material. Your reports reflect who you are. Why not be the best you can be?

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Horizon is designed to help you meet the reporting requirements for states and associations including:
TexasOntario Association of Home InspectorsCanadian Association of Home and Property InspectorsCSA A770 inspection standard CAN/CSA-A770-16American Society of Home InspectorsInterNACHI

Horizon goes above and beyond

Identifying components that are not performing with richly-illustrated text is just the beginning. Horizon lets you describe items that are near the end of their life, include ballpark costs for repairs, set out maintenance tips to protect your clients’ homes, and so much more.

Brown bungalow house with beige roof and stone porch illustration

You need a Report Writing system that does it all. You need Horizon — the most advanced Report Writing system on the market today.

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