Horizon Mobile gives you instant access to your Report Writing interface. Leverage Search and Speed Write for fast, efficient data collection. Work online or offline. Photos you take appear exactly where they belong in your report. View your work orders and preview your reports — everything you need is in the palm of your hand.

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With Horizon Mobile App

Offline or online Report Writing — Horizon is ready where you are

You don’t need an internet connection to collect your data and write your reports in the field. Horizon Mobile brings Horizon’s extensive capabilities right to your phone or tablet. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to use on any device.

Take notes and photos and Horizon puts them automatically in the right spot in your report. No time wasted moving photos from your camera to your computer or figuring out where to put them in your report.

Let Horizon prompt you to fill out the required fields. You’ll never leave an inspection having missed something.

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Horizon Mobile

  • Free with Horizon
  • Apple (iOS) or Android, tablet or phone
  • Fast, easy-to-use interface
  • Voice-recognition
  • Work online or offline
  • Search and Speed Write — amazing speed
  • Photos drop into the right spot in the report
  • Add highlights to your photos
  • Add a title page photo to your report in one click
  • Build report summary as you go

Plus, you get …

  • Online payment through your phone
  • Downloadable PDF report preview
  • Ability to download work orders

All Horizon Mobile features


Horizon Mobile App in Android device

Horizon Mobile lets you collect data as you move through the home. Search helps you find stuff instantly. No need to navigate through multiple screens.  Speed Write captures the details — incredibly fast and efficient.

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