Horizon on the Go

Horizon Mobile offers a best-in-class inspection reporting solution, with navigation and features that let you complete your reports with speed and accuracy.

The app works while connected via cellular, WiFi, or offline. Use auto-sync anytime during or after your inspection to integrate your field data with your desktop portal. Use the camera on your phone or tablet to quickly add photos, along with full editing control to resize images, add arrows and other shapes, as well as captions.

Horizon Mobile Includes Everything You Need

With Horizon Mobile App

Ready where and when you are

You don’t need an internet connection to collect your data and write your reports in the field. Horizon Mobile brings Horizon’s extensive capabilities right to your phone or tablet. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to use on any device.

Let Horizon prompt you to fill out the required fields. You’ll never leave an inspection having missed something.

Learn more about using the Horizon Mobile for iOS and Android

Horizon Mobile

  • The app is included free with your Horizon subscription
  • Optimized for your mobile or tablet device (Apple iOS and Android)
  • Sleek and modern look, including dark mode feature
  • Fast, easy-to-use interface and navigation
  • Voice-assistant included for easy search and retrieval of data
  • The best photo editing, including shapes, arrows, sizing, and captions (custom or template)
  • Search and Speed Write feature adds incredible speed and efficiency
  • Built-in mapping for quick access to directions, travel time and distance
  • Add title page photos to your report with one click
  • Build a report summary as you go


  • Accept payments online through your mobile device
  • Downloadable PDF report previews
  • Ability to download work orders

Horizon Mobile lets you collect data efficiently as you move through the home. The search function with built-in voice assistant helps you find what you need instantly. Plus, with Speed Write, you’ll capture the important details with speed and accuracy, and never have to fumble through multiple screens.