OPTIMizing your time

As a home inspector, your time is valuable. Horizon’s Scheduling system is designed to optimize your time by making booking tasks more streamlined and efficient. Plus, it integrates with the entire Horizon system so that everything you need to run your home inspection business is in one place.

Horizon makes sure that you get inspections booked quickly and easily, that you don’t miss out on any inspections, that you get contracts accepted and that you get paid. That’s because Horizon is not just Report Writing or Scheduling software. It’s a database. It keeps track of all the important details and conveniently puts them at your fingertips.

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With Horizon Integrated Scheduling

Inspection Scheduling made easy

  • Simple 24/7 online booking for clients — quick and easy
  • An integrated, seamless workflow — logical and intuitive
  • Interactive mapping — see distance and driving time
  • Customizable fields — create your own mandatory fields
  • Client and agent databases
  • Heads up if you have inspected the home before

Plus, you get …

  • Daily, weekly and monthly scheduling at a glance
  • Report Writing progress tracked visually
  • Agent recognition and history
  • E-mail confirmations to clients and agents
  • Conflict notification prevents double booking
  • Google auto-complete ensures you get the address right

All Scheduling features

Horizon booking inspection software shown on a desktop and tablet

Set it and forget it — One-time setup

You only enter information once and it appears everywhere — report, cover letter, contract, invoice and emails. It’s the complete office system that eliminates booking mistakes, makes you look more professional, but most of all, saves you time.

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