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Report input

  • Input is fast, flexible and convenient
  • Customizable database with over 6000 items
    • Add items
    • Hide items
    • Add any of 1,700 color diagrams from Illustrated Home (add once and they always appear) — $219 value
  • Work the way you want
    • Phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
    • Web, mobile app, Windows
    • Online or offline — no internet connection required
  • Photo Gallery — photos guide your report-writing process
  • Power Search feature to save time — no navigation or drilling down
  • Speed Write — auto advance saves time
  • Required Items feature ensures you don’t miss anything
  • Auto-include Location, Task, Time or Notes for any defect to improve speed and consistency
  • Templates — multiple entries in one click
  • Set items to auto-appear in every report
  • Customize database on the fly with a single click
  • Horizon remembers custom notes and auto-completes thereafter

Report output

  • Professional looking PDF reports — make you look good
  • Simple, easy-to-understand reports that clients and agents will love
  • Custom title page, tagline, footer, etc.
    • Include logos, images, credentials, etc.
    • Optional QR code
  • Illustrations, technical articles and defect implications added for you — leverage massive Carson Dunlop knowledge-base and illustrations library
  • Include a cover letter, contract, summary
    • Summary automatically generated for you
    • Create multiple versions
    • Customize title
  • Auto-numbering of recommendations and/or photos


  • Unused photos auto-archived for you
  • Auto-numbering of photos
  • Auto-captioning of photos
  • Photo editing and annotation


  • Include ancillary reports — swimming pool, radon, termite, etc.
    • Over 30 ancillary reports available
    • Add specialty services to your business
  • Attach PDF or JPEG appendices to report
    • Forms, papers, articles, etc.
  • Include 500-page Home Reference e-Book as a reference for clients — $45 value
    • Includes Maintenance Guide
    • Includes Lifecycles and Costs Guide
  • Auto-include links to other information — articles, white papers, websites, etc.

Report Delivery

  • Send different versions of reports to different people
    • Full report
    • Summary only
    • Recommendations only
    • No photos or illustrations, etc.
  • Send report to client and agent in a single click
    • Plain text email with a link to online PDF
    • Tells you if email did not get through
  • Horizon tells you who opened the report and when
  • Update and revise reports
    • Create multiple versions
    • All versions retained and stored in same spot
  • Commercial version available
  • Tarion new construction version available (Ontario inspectors)

Calendar on tablet icon illustration


Flexible setup

  • Set typical report duration
  • Multiple contracts, cover letters, etc.
  • Multiple confirmation email and report delivery email wordings
  • Customize work orders — add fields
  • Inspection types and fees, with tax calculator
    • Include discounts, travel fees, etc.
    • Show inspection fee on contract, or not
  • Display multiple fees and total fees on invoice
  • Input cities and towns you work in — no typing each time

Keep out of trouble

  • ‘Double booking’ alert
  • ‘Inspected the home before’ alert
  • Google auto-completes addresses
    • Saves time
    • Avoids inconsistency (Road vs Rd, for example)

Powerful online booking

  • On your website
  • Real-time booking — not a request/email system

Daily schedule

  • Shows everything at a glance
  • Inspections and appointments
  • Tentative, confirmed, contract accepted, paid, etc.
  • Tracks progress of inspection and report
  • Book new inspection from scheduler
    • Auto-records Inspector date and time
  • Move inspections
  • Check work order
  • Check report progress
  • Displays online bookings (auto added to schedule)
  • Shows
    • Number of inspections scheduled for that day
    • Number of inspections booked that day
  • Weekly and monthly views as well

Interactive mapping

  • Shows location of each inspection
  • Shows Inspector for each inspection
  • Shows travel time and distance between inspections

Real estate agent features

  • Agent name auto-completes
  • Agent history displayed on work order
    • See how many times they have worked with you
    • See last client, inspection address, date and time they worked with you
    • Show that you remember them and they are important to you

Flexible email confirmation

  • Can include link to contract
    • Clients can accept online
  • Can include link to invoice
    • Clients can pay online

Work order data auto-populates (saves double entry of data)

  • Confirmation email, report delivery email
  • Contract
  • Report
  • Cover letter
  • Invoice/receipt

Email bounce back alert

  • Warns you if emails did not get through

Logging — automatic

  • Who booked the inspection in the inspection company?
  • Who moved the inspection?
  • Who accepted the contract? When?
  • What contract wording was accepted?

Callback history

  • Full interface to record and create reports on inspection callbacks

Multi Inspector firms

  • Manage inspectors
  • Manage administrative staff
  • Set different permission levels
  • Quality assurance capabilities
    • E.g. review reports remotely before they go to clients
    • Verify reports go out on time — at a glance
  • Interactive mapping with “Who’s Closest” feature helps optimize the schedule

Mobile app on Iphone icon illustration


  • Android and iOS (Apple) versions
  • Included free with your Horizon subscription
  • Sleek and modern look, including dark mode feature
  • Powerful search functionality including voice-assistant — no need to navigate
  • Speed Write — enter all required items from one dynamic screen
  • Put your Title Page photo on your report in one click
  • Built-in mapping for quick access to directions, travel time and distance
  • The best photo editing, including shapes, arrows, sizing, and captions (custom or template)
  • Dictate or type report notes on the fly
  • Use as field data collection tool or write entire report
  • Auto-sync with the main database
  • View report preview
  • View work order
  • Get paid on site through Horizon Mobile

Sent email icon illustration

Horizon Marketing Features

Horizon Marketer

  • High-quality HTML emails
    • Your branding
    • Our templates or your own
    • Includes recipient’s name
    • Can include inspector’s name
    • Customize subject line
    • Include videos and links
  • Send automatically to
    • Clients
    • Agents
    • Inspectors
    • Service providers
  • Send any time
    • Before or after inspections
  • Send to specific inspection types
    • Buyer’s inspection
    • Seller’s inspection, etc.
  • Unlimited number of messages
    • Avoid scheduling misunderstandings
    • Stay in touch with clients
    • Build agent relationships
    • Offer ancillary services
    • Offer follow-up inspections
    • Reduce liability
    • Set it and forget it
    • Sample email topics
    • Confirmation of inspection appointment to client/agent/Inspector
    • Confirmation of specialty service appointment to clients/agents/Inspector/service provider
    • reminder to Inspector to pick up radon monitor
    • 24-hour reminder before inspection (2 hours before inspection, etc.)
    • Thank you/receipt for payment
    • Thank you for contract acceptance
    • Post inspection thank you to client/agent
    • Request for review — Google, Facebook, Yelp etc.
    • To clients/agent
    • Cancellation confirmation to clients/agents/Inspector
    • RecallChek report reminder
    • Action List reminder to clients/agent
    • Offer continuing education sessions to agents
    • Reminders about home setup and maintenance
    • Reminder for client to complete report recommendations
    • Offer to provide free technical support
    • Offer ancillary services — pool, mold, termite, asbestos, sewer video scan, well, septic, etc.
    • Offer move-in services, alarm services, home warranty, concierge services, etc.
    • Offer one-year follow-up inspection

Real estate agent database

  • By company
  • By agent
  • Export to Excel for marketing — mailings, etc.

Real estate agent reports

  • Who has used you for the first time this month?
  • Who has stopped using you?
  • Total usage report —
    • All agents with contact information
    • Usage history year by year

Action List

  • For client & agents
  • Form to create list of items to ask sellers to fix
  • Helps agents/buyers create repair addendum/amendment to offer
  • Huge time saver
  • Includes editable data and photos from report
    • But not a home inspection report!
  • Can ask for repair, replacement, price reduction, etc.
  • Can use report wording or customize
  • Can include photo or not
  • Produces PDF report
  • Dollars totalled at bottom

Connect to other service providers

  • APIs set up to connect Horizon to service providers
  • Convenient for you
    • Guardian Financial — online credit card payment processing
    • RecallChek — send report on equipment and appliance recalls
    • HomeBinder — home management system
    • Listen360 — powerful client survey tool
    • Google Calendar — calendar integration with Horizon

Speech bubbles icon illustration

Horizon Training and Support Features

  • Free onboarding & training sessions available daily
    • Get full value from Horizon
    • Set up to work for you
    • Take advantage of advanced features
  • Tutorials and videos at your fingertips
  • Free monthly webinars
  • Free support when you need it, how you need it
    • Operating questions
    • Learn to use advanced features
    • New feature requests


  • In-field reference app
  • More than 13,500 images at your fingertips
  • What to look for
  • How to report it
  • $180 per year value
  • Free with Horizon

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