Home Reference Book

Home Reference Book The Home Reference Book was developed over 25 years ago as a report writing tool for Carson Dunlop’s home inspection business. We recognized that a good inspection needed a professional report.

Over the years, Carson Dunlop has continued to refine and enhance the Home Reference Book to make it one of the most technical and comprehensive yet user-friendly books on the market. Home Inspectors throughout North America have:

  • Used the Home Reference book as an educational text for themselves.
  • Adopted the Home Reference Book as a report writing system.
  • Used it as an effective marketing tool, giving it to clients and real estate professionals.

The Home Reference Book, in its 27th edition as of 2015, is used by home inspectors as a report writing tool, by schools and colleges for their home inspection training programs and by real estate professionals as a gift to consumers to help them understand their home.

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What Our Clients Say

  • There’s no denying it, even if as a home inspector you have never used Carson Dunlop’s inspection reporting system, The Home Reference Book, you’ve undoubtedly heard of it and likely own a copy. I found this book to be an invaluable bridge between how I looked at old houses as a general contractor and how I saw them as a home inspector.

    Dave Bottoms

  • I’ve found that clients greatly appreciate the book and its contents as well as the value they receive. On numerous occasions I have heard clients make comments such as “I can’t believe this is mine”. In closing, I can only say “great job” to the Carson Dunlop organization for their on-going efforts and devotion to the research, development and improvement of our industry.

    Gouvianakis, Avenue Home Inspections Inc

  • I would highly recommend the soft cover HRB for anyone that is used to the system. It is a big improvement. Full color illustrations, and packed with more information. My clients love it.

    Richard Malin, Richard D. Malin & Associates, Inc.

  • Providing our clients with a Horizon Report and the Home Reference Book has given them the best of both worlds. Home Buyers appreciate the convenience and completeness of the electronic Horizon report and everyone loves the look and feel of the Home Reference Book. The combination of the two has received unanimous approval from our clients, their realtors and our inspectors. It’s been very good for business.

    James Dobney, President of James Dobney Inspections.

  • The people you have serving your clients are professionals in their own right. I have had extremely good experiences with Stacey when I order the Home Reference Manuals for my business. Thank you for letting me express my appreciation for your Product and your team.

    Steve Garland, R. Stephen Garland Inspection Services Inc.