Ontario Home Inspection Regulations

For prospective students:

Ontario has introduced a bill – Bill 165 – proposing licensing for home inspectors. Details about how this will work will be forthcoming, but are unavailable at the current time.

This change coincides with CSA Standard A770 – Home Inspection that was finalized in February, 2016. We believe the Ontario licensing will be built around the CSA Standard. Carson Dunlop actively participated in the development of the Standard, and the Standard is consistent with our existing education content.

The bill has been presented but not debated or passed. If it does pass, there will be a Delegated Administrative Authority (DAA) named who will take some time to put together the details of licensing in Ontario. We have no indication who that might be. Ontario home inspector licensing may be a couple of years away, although this can’t be confirmed at this point.

If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-800-268-8080 or education@carsondunlop.com