Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions for Home Inspection Training

How does the program work?

It is a distance education program that is divided into 10 courses. It is designed to be an easy-to-use combination of text and online learning. Each course has a richly illustrated binder, and an online part that includes a video, case studies, exercises, etc. to make your learning as efficient as possible.

It is career training designed to give you the education you deserve so you can succeed in this rewarding consulting profession. It is not an introductory course.

What are the 10 courses?

Roofing, Structure, Electrical, Heating I, Heating II, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, Plumbing, Exterior, Insulation and Interior, Communication and Professional Practice. These are the sytems required for inspection by the Standards of Practice in the industry. You need to be familiar with all of these.

Is the program offered online? Can I start whenever I want? How long do I have to complete the program?

The courses include a textbook and online component. You can start whenever you want and work at your own pace. Those working full time typically complete the course in 8 to 10 weeks¹.

What are the benefits of distance education?

It allows you to learn on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. There is no travel time or expense, and no classroom environment with people learning at different speeds slowing the process or wasting your time.

What if I need help?

Our facilitators are experienced inspectors who are ready to help when you need it. They are available by telephone or email. We are there for you, every step of the way.



Do you have financing options?

We do. You can speak to one of our education consultants for more information.

How do I gain experience as a Home Inspector?

We have practical field training programs for grads. They give you the opportunity to work with leading consultants in the industry as they go through homes. These are available as 3-day (Fri. Sat, Sun) or 5-day (Mon to Fri) programs.

Why should I choose your program?

  • Developed by industry leaders since 1978.
  • Career training built with best practices from professional educators.
  • We train our own inspectors with this program.
  • The program has been adopted by universities and colleges across the country.
  • Our program is endorsed by CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors) and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).
  • It is designed to make you a professional home inspector and to give you the skills that you will use throughout your career. No other course will set you up with the knowledge that you need to build a sustainable business.

How long does it take to go through the program?¹

Roughly 1 week per course working full time; longer if part-time.

Why is your program longer than others?

It’s career training rather than a one or two week introduction. We don’t believe that anyone can learn a consulting profession in a week or two. It takes time to learn to analyze 10 different house systems. To do a job professionally, you need to have the training that you can rely on in the field.

How successful are your graduates?

  • Those who complete the program show that they have the made a commitment to their knowledge and the profession.
  • We train our professionals with this system because there is no comparable learning tool in the market.
  • Some of the leading home inspectors in the country are proud graduates of the Carson Dunlop program.
  • Our state of the art report wriitng software – Horizon, helps make you look like a seasoned professional on your first inspections.
  • We provide a free website for you and free hosting for 6 months.

Are you a recognized college?

Yes, Carson Dunlop is a registered Private Career College.

Does your program qualify for any government funding?

Government funding varies from province to province and from state to state.

The Profession

Is it a good field?

  • Home inspection is a great professional consulting service.
  • Start-up costs are very low and there are no expensive tools, no challenging physical requirements, and a growing demand for professional inspectors to help people make an informed home buying decision.
  • You are your own boss, with all the flexibility and opportunity that comes with that.
  • You provide an incredibly valuable service, helping people make an important decision
  • There are lots of diversification opportunities
    • Swimming pools and spas
    • Well and septic systems
    • Barns and outbuildings
    • Radon
    • Mold
    • Lead
    • Termites
    • Commercial inspection

What about report writing?

Graduates receive 6 months free use of Horizon, a state of the art reporting software that we use in our own business.

Do I need to be licensed?

It depends on your area. Contact us or view the State/Provincial home inspection regulations in your area.

How many inspections can an inspector do in a year?

Busy inspectors do 500 per year. The industry average is roughly 200, including part time people.

Do I need to join an association?

We think it’s a good idea. It helps with your continuing education and your credibility.

How much money can I make as a Home Inspector?

Most home inspectors are sole proprietors. There are franchise opportunities available, and larger firms do hire inspectors as employees. An independent home inspector can perform up to roughly 500 inspections per year. ASHI’s most current Business Operations Study published in 2011,showed that full-time inspectors do an average of 209 inspections per year at an average inspection fee of $360. At $360 per inspection, 209 inspections would result in a gross income of $75,240. These numbers include full and part-time home inspectors.

A full-time inspector would typically do 300 to 400 inspections per year. Average inspection fees are roughly $400. Inspectors performing 350 inspections per year can gross $140,000.

How big does a market have to be to support me as an Inspector?

500 house sales per year within your travel area (by car) is probably an absolute minimum. You can get information about the number of house sales from your local real estate board.

Do I need insurance?

You will want to insure your vehicle and property, of course. You should also have liability insurance in case you damage a house or cause an injury.

Many inspectors purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance that protects you if a client accuses you of missing a problem in the home.

There is other insurance to consider as well in any business, including Workers Compensation, life, health, dental and disability.

What tools do I need?

The basic tools include a ladder, flashlight, set of screwdrivers, electrical tester, camera and moisture meter. There are tool companies that specialize in providing tools to home inspectors.

Do home inspectors work part-time, full-time, for themselves or someone else?

New home inspectors can begin working full or part-time, for themselves or within an established business. They are also franchise opportunities in the home inspection profession. You have an opportunity to work in a way that meets your requirements. Lots of home inspectors for example, choose to perform only 4 or 5 inspections per week.

Can I start my own business?

Absolutely! Many home inspectors work independently in their own business. If you have little previous background you may want to buy an existing firm, consider a franchise, or look at partnering with someone who has business experience.

Can I do this part-time?

The field has both full-time and part-time practitioners. It is well suited to a retired, or semi-retired individual or anyone who wants to work part-time.

What does the future look like for this field?

Pre-purchase inspections are becoming a common part of every real estate transaction. We estimate that more than 80% of resale homes are currently inspected. Over the next decade, that number is expected to approach 100%. Some home inspectors offer inspections for swimming pools, well and septic systems, asbestos, mold, air quality, radon and lead, to name a few.

With additional training, some home inspectors move into the commercial field.

The opportunities in home inspection are significant and will grow as this young profession matures.

Do home inspectors only look at residential dwellings?

Home Inspections include one- to four-family dwellings. Some home inspectors expand their business to include commercial inspections.

What are the physical demands of the home inspection field?

Home inspectors typically work during the day. The job involves standing, with some squatting, bending, reaching, climbing ladders and crawling into small spaces. The work of a home inspector is primarily visual.

What skills do I need to be successful?

Home inspectors need a broad technical knowledge of the systems of a house, good reasoning abilities and well-developed interpersonal skills to work in a customer service-oriented profession. They enjoy working independently and have an interest in how things work. Their ability to communicate verbally and in writing, and to present themselves professionally are keys to success.

Get the Most Complete Home Inspector Training

This is your opportunity to get both the technical knowledge and business tools to achieve success in home inspection. Simply click below to enroll in the 10-course Home Inspector Training Program at a cost of only $4,495. You can also take single courses for $495 each.

30-hour webinar program: This series of 10 three-hour webinars delivered by experts in the industry adds another dimension to the learning. You can take these evening sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Or call us at 800-268-7070 to get started now!


¹ Time required to complete the program varies based on region.

Get the Most Complete Home Inspector Training

This is your opportunity to get both the technical knowledge and business tools to achieve success in home inspection. Simply click below to enroll in the 10-course Home Inspector Training Program at a cost of only $3995. You can also take single courses for $450 each.

Recorded webinar program: This series of 10 three-hour webinars delivered by experts in the industry adds another dimension to the learning. You can take these evening sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Or call us at 800-268-7070 to get started now!


¹ Time required to complete the program varies based on region.

What Our Clients Say

  • The information layout of the manuals combined with the videos is a tool that can only be described as value-added. The details such as description, what to look for, reasons why and what to do for each module are very well formatted and have greatly expanded my knowledge. In conclusion I have to take a word from the MasterCard commercial, the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Courses are PRICELESS.


  • Your training was clearly the best course available and I opted to purchase it even though full VA reimbursement was available for some other home based training courses. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the training provided by your program.

    M.H. Captain

  • It was very thorough! I do not come from a construction related career and was looking for a complete training program to feel comfortable with my new career. This program was great. I am finding that I know things that other seasoned inspectors don’t. This is exactly what I needed.

    Ben P.

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in your fine program. I have always tried to create the very best career opportunities that I could for myself. My education years ago as an IBEW trained Apprentice and subsequent graduation to Journeyman Wireman has proven invaluable to me in my career as an electrician. Now as a Carson Dunlop trained inspector, I feel comfortable knowing I have again received the very best training and education available.


  • A Buyer’s Choice believes in quality education. Carson Dunlop’s Home Inspection Training Program is the best in the industry, bar none. It’s why we partner with them to educate our franchises. We’ve looked at them all, and they stand alone.

    Bill Redfern, CEO of Global Franchise Opportunities

  • The course material and testing were both very good, well explained and I do believe that it covered every possible aspect of Home Inspections. I am looking forward to starting my new business and this course has put me on the fast track to becoming a successful Home Inspector. I also want to thank all your staff at Carson Dunlop for being there for me through this process and for your friendly down to earth service. I am looking forward to continuing a future relationship with Carson Dunlop and Horizon.

    Earl Mercier

  • I’ve worked with Carson Dunlop Associates since the 1980’s, as a home inspector, building failures researcher, writer, publisher, educator, so this very positive review of the company is hardly neutral. The company provides home inspection services in Canada and the U.S., home inspection eduction, and home inspection reporting services. The company and the people at Carson Dunlop with whom I’ve dealt over decades has been without equal in professionalism, competence, honesty, and generosity. As a result Carson Dunlop has become both a “Go-to” resource for building inspection and building science, and the home of people whom I count as trusted friends.

    Daniel Friedman, Editor,