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Get Instant Access to Free Sample Chapter!

Get Instant Access to Free Sample Chapter!

Carson Dunlop offers four in-class Continuing Education courses designed for real estate offices and brokerages who would like to offer educational content to their sales representatives in a group environment.

Each course is a one hour presentation conducted by a Carson Dunlop professional, with audience interaction that encourages reflection and discussion between the instructor and participants. Our goal is to provide attendees with an interesting and informative take on topics relevant to the real estate world which they can use to further their own knowledge and assist their clients.


All Courses Include

  • One-hour presentation
  • Question & Answer period
  • Participant handouts
  • Certificate of Completion for each attendee

Courses Offered

Architectural Styles
This course introduces some of the more common architectural styles of homes and some architectural features that help define certain styles. It discusses the evolution of homes over the last centuries with some simple techniques you can use to identify common styles and features used.

Basement Apartments in Ontario
What buyers and sellers need to know
Basement apartments have been a growing trend in homes across Ontario to meet the demands of more affordable housing. Many basement apartments conform to local bylaws and building codes, and are an important part of a community. However, many also contravene municipal zoning bylaws and are built to unsafe standards. Can you tell if a basement apartment is legal or not? Carson Dunlop’s new basement apartment seminar can help you answer this important question by giving you the knowledge to educate your buyers and sellers about this important issue.

This course begins by discussing some of the benefits for having basement apartments, the regulatory history of basement apartments in Ontario, and recent changes in the province. We then discuss what requirements need to be met initially before a basement apartment can be authorized, what is needed for a new suite, upgrading an existing suite to legal status, and then we provide an overview of some of the code requirements of a legal unit. We conclude by discussing some of the potential consequences of an illegal unit, and the benefits of it being legal.

Pre-listing Inspections
This course focuses on the type of home inspection that is performed before the house goes on the market. Pre-listing inspections have several advantages over pre-purchase inspections. The course concludes with exploring 12 ways a pre-listing inspection can assist you.

‘Run Of The Mill’ or ‘Run For The Hills’?
This course discusses common conditions found in homes that may jeopardize the real estate transaction. We will discuss wet basements, vermiculite insulation and knob-and-tube wiring to showcase how people perceive these issues and what the implications actually are. At the conclusion of this course, you will understand how to address and discuss these conditions with your clients and put them in perspective.

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What Our Clients Say

  • The information layout of the manuals combined with the videos is a tool that can only be described as value-added. The details such as description, what to look for, reasons why and what to do for each module are very well formatted and have greatly expanded my knowledge. In conclusion I have to take a word from the MasterCard commercial, the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Courses are PRICELESS.


  • Your training was clearly the best course available and I opted to purchase it even though full VA reimbursement was available for some other home based training courses. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the training provided by your program.

    M.H. Captain

  • It was very thorough! I do not come from a construction related career and was looking for a complete training program to feel comfortable with my new career. This program was great. I am finding that I know things that other seasoned inspectors don’t. This is exactly what I needed.

    Ben P.

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in your fine program. I have always tried to create the very best career opportunities that I could for myself. My education years ago as an IBEW trained Apprentice and subsequent graduation to Journeyman Wireman has proven invaluable to me in my career as an electrician. Now as a Carson Dunlop trained inspector, I feel comfortable knowing I have again received the very best training and education available.


  • A Buyer’s Choice believes in quality education. Carson Dunlop’s Home Inspection Training Program is the best in the industry, bar none. It’s why we partner with them to educate our franchises. We’ve looked at them all, and they stand alone.

    Bill Redfern, CEO of Global Franchise Opportunities

  • The course material and testing were both very good, well explained and I do believe that it covered every possible aspect of Home Inspections. I am looking forward to starting my new business and this course has put me on the fast track to becoming a successful Home Inspector. I also want to thank all your staff at Carson Dunlop for being there for me through this process and for your friendly down to earth service. I am looking forward to continuing a future relationship with Carson Dunlop and Horizon.

    Earl Mercier

  • I’ve worked with Carson Dunlop Associates since the 1980’s, as a home inspector, building failures researcher, writer, publisher, educator, so this very positive review of the company is hardly neutral. The company provides home inspection services in Canada and the U.S., home inspection eduction, and home inspection reporting services. The company and the people at Carson Dunlop with whom I’ve dealt over decades has been without equal in professionalism, competence, honesty, and generosity. As a result Carson Dunlop has become both a “Go-to” resource for building inspection and building science, and the home of people whom I count as trusted friends.

    Daniel Friedman, Editor,