About Home Inspections

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A home inspection is a professional consulting service that helps homebuyers make the biggest financial decision of their life. Home inspectors inspect houses and provide written reports to homebuyers, allowing them to make better purchase decisions by addressing the fundamental questions that arise when buying a home. Is the house structurally sound? Is it safe? What kind of repairs may be in order? Are there any major expenses? Home inspection has become a part of most real estate transactions in America.

A home inspection is an in-field performance evaluation of the current physical condition of a home. The steady growth of consumer demand for inspections is encouraged by consumer advocacy groups, real estate professionals, and government organizations.

A home inspector will:

  • Inspect and report on the physical structure and systems of the home, from the foundation to the attic.
  • Provide the homebuyer with a written report.
  • Provide expert advice on home maintenance and repair.



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