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We understand that a great inspection is just the beginning. We are committed to helping our clients make great decisions on their home which is why we have built one the most comprehensive and easy to use resource libraries. The goal of our resource center is to provide you with technical information in an elegantly simple and easy way to understand your property. Please click on a resource center topic to the left to learn more.

Basement apartment, granny flat, accessory unit; no matter what it is called, there are many different reasons for having a read more

While fireplaces are no longer used as the primary source for heating homes, there are few things nicer than a read more

The following costs are intended as ballpark estimates for repairs and/or improvements to a typical three bedroom home. Our experience read more

The importance of home safety When it comes time to adjust our clocks, it’s a good reminder to address some read more

Carson Dunlop has developed a new PowerPoint presentation to educate Real Estate Investors on how to identify and mitigate property risk read more

Fact:  Commercial Property Inspections require specialized knowledge and a high degree of skill. Although manuals, seminars, courses and experience in read more

ABS — A type of black plastic pipe commonly used for waste water lines. Aggregate — Crushed rock or stone. read more

Dec 17

Wet Basements

The words are all-too-familiar to many homeowners. It is said that more than ninety-eight percent of all houses have had, read more

Dec 17


We encourage clients and real estate agents to call us with technical questions. We get lots of them – and read more

Did you know that extreme winter cold can place undue stress on your house? Consider your windows. A graphic example read more

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