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At Horizon, we are very proud of our software and the way it has helped Home Inspectors grow their business, impress their clients and agents, and spend more time on the things they deserve. Horizon provides Home Inspectors with all the tools they need to produce professional inspection reports and manage their business efficiently and effectively.We have included Home Inspector success profiles to showcase how Horizon Helps Home Inspectors, regardless of their tenure, the size of their firm, and their location.

Paul Studholme Sole Proprietor “Growing a new business” Click Here
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Jeff Luther Multi-inspector “Ease of management” Click Here

“ I picked up two new agents this week when I did an inspection on a house they had listed.  Both were so impressed with the report format and the way I word things that they declared they were going to use me as their “go to” inspector.  My wording has not changed in the way I report items.  So that means all of the credit goes to the Horizon report format.”  - Tim Fuller, Fuller Home Inspections

“As president of the NE chapter (ORCIA, Oklahoma Residential Commercial Inspection Association) I meet with many inspectors monthly. I have looked at and tried many different inspection software programs. I have the best looking, easiest to understand report of any of them. I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know I appreciate your services and quick response when things go wrong. Keep up the great work.” – Ken Woolbright, Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC

“I just want to say how much I appreciated the quick and complete response you made to my rescue request for Horizon. It was Sunday, I was without support, and you responded first thing Monday morning to my request for help. It is so common these days to get a robo response and no personal contact, that we just expect that. The people at Carson Dunlop get it, and I truly appreciate that you don’t treat me like the techno fool that I am, and actually treat me like I matter…Thanks!” – Dave Steinman, Inspect One

“The feedback I get from using your reports is excellent, clients like that it is laid out well there is no searching through and deciphering checklists that other electronic reports use.  Also there isn’t a lot of filler that seems to be included in other reports, it gives them the facts without cluttering the report up like other systems seem to. The background features also help me book inspections quickly, keep my schedule straight and track my business stats easily.  I feel that your training and report system have allowed me to grow my business from part time to a full time business in 3 years.  For this I thank you.” - Chad Block, MorMac Inspections

“I have recommended The Carson Dunlop courses and report writing systems consistently since I started using it, around 2004. Quite a few friends and associates have taken the courses, made purchases from the Carson Dunlop library and use the report writing system. Over the years ALL my feedback has been very positive. The reports are very informative, comprehensive, and client friendly, not to mention the versatility for the report writer. I have not seen another report writing system that could compare to the Horizon report writing system. I have always been very impressed with Carson Dunlop’s innovation in this industry.” – Calvin McCafferty, CBA, CRR, CEA

“Your report writing software is simple, easy, and to the point. It is the most effective of any report writing system in communicating the totality of the product that the client is interested in better understanding. Thanks!” – Rory Wolff, Sherlock Homes Inspections

“Easy, friendly and excellent tool for new inspectors in the business — cannot make mistakes with a system like this.” – Fernando Guerrero, 360 Vision Home Inspection

“The reporting system and options are great, but the customer service is what you will appreciate long term.” – Tim Taylor, Taylor Home Inspection Service

“Great product. Horizon allows me to give my clients a clear concise report while also having an extensive amount of additional information for those clients who desire a further understanding of their homes.” Robert Gwaltney, Old Dominion Home Inspection Inc

“The report is easy to read, write and looks very polished when published. There are many customizable options and all of my customers are very pleased with the reports.” – Joe Morales, Finest Home Inspections Inc

“The Horizon report writing is very comprehensive and to the point.” - Derm Otoole, Acme Home Inspections

“Easy to use and produces a nice thorough, well laid out report. It makes me look good as an inspector.” - Wes Brandenburger, Duke-Allen Inspections

“Best Inspection Report out there. Best layout, easy to create and most importantly, it’s very easy for our clients to understand.” – Adam Hannan, Safety First Home Inspection Inc

“Great program, Clients find it easy to read and understand. This makes my job easier. Thanks Carson Dunlop” – Rod Winsor, A to Z Home Inspections

“Horizon is an excellent tool, not just for producing detailed reports, but also for managing your business. I have been using Horizon for 3 years now and I continue to receive positive feedback from clients. The format is easy to comprehend and very straight forward, not like other systems I’ve seen, which can be confusing and difficult to comprehend.
I will continue to use Horizon until I retire from the inspection industry.” - Darryl Johns R.H.I, Hilain Home Inspections Ltd

“Your software product is very user friendly, adaptable, and is a cut above your competition. Prior to utilizing your software I was spending on average 1.5 to 2 hours writing my reports, now I am spending less than 30 minutes. I just learned more about your template maker and am excited that this may even trim more time off my report writing. Great product with great technical support. Thanks for all you do.” -  Jason VanGotten, Vango Inspections

“Horizon Home Inspection Reports give my business a high grade professional appearance. My clients say they are easy to read and understand. I particularly like that I can report on larger issues with the house factually and without bias or emotion.” – David Wingenbach, Home Inspection Services LLC

“Great flexibility, phenomenal support, and easy to use!” – Rob Brander, Home Check-Ups Residential Building and Property Inspections

“Good reporting system, flexible, customizable; very easy to use, especially for former Home Reference Book users. For inspectors working in geographic areas with limited internet connectivity, the laptop version facilitates creation of the report onsite, with online publishing and report delivery completed later.” – Gil Strachan, Electrospec Home Inspection Service

“The most important thing about Horizon reports is that my clients love the report for the ease of maneuvering through it. The like the illustrations that help explain the report. They feel it is something they can use on an ongoing basis rather than a one-time decision on buying a home. Horizon is improving all the time. I use an IPad and an IPhone to write my reports. The ease of having the photos move directly to the report from the IPhone has really sped up the process. The drop-in sentences from previous comments makes it even quicker. Thanks Horizon Team!” - Ron Westlake, Westlake Home Inspections Inc

“I looked at several systems before settling on Horizon. The stock descriptions are good however it is adaptable to my inspection and writing style, what I say onsite is reproduced in the report. My clients – first timers and downsizers – love it!” – Andrew Dixon, Mike Holmes Inspections

“Fantastic reporting system! The best tool in any home inspector’s bag isn’t always in the bag” - Steve Love, McKenzie-Taylor Associates Ltd

“Horizon compliments everything I learned from your Home Inspection course, making the transition from working for someone else too working for myself that much easier!” – Chris Gallagher, Check Mate Home Inspections

“I have been using Horizon for the past four+ years. It keeps getting easier and easier to use because of the constant updating Carson Dunlop provides. It is miles above all of the other “canned” reporting systems that all look alike!” - Kevin Campbell, Building Specs of Corona

“Horizon is an essential tool for producing detailed inspection reports. The ability to use the extensive diagram library really enables the inspector to concisely explain the conditions observed in an inspection and in many cases provide the client with an informed solution. Horizon has also allowed my company to go paperless and eliminated my need for heaps of paper files and eliminated printing costs. In the 5 or so years I have used Horizon you have been dedicated to constantly improving the product. Thanks!” – Steve Carlson, Carlson Home Inspection

“I am very happy with your attention to customer service as well as the fact that Horizon software includes scheduling and invoicing functions. The off-site storage of all client information and technical data required to effectively operate a home inspection business is a great feature.” – Jean Laframboise, InSpecRes Inc

“I find this method of report writing to be exceptional. After years of using on-site written reports I have made the switch to Horizon for all my reports. Nothing matches the details and features of this software and no on-site written report can come close to comparing.” – Sean Shea, Precision Home Inspections Inc

“Very good report writing system, easy to use and always being improved and great support team.” – Jim Clark, Axios Inspections Commercial and Home

“HORIZON is more than just a Reporting system. It is also a business information and management system. It is reasonably priced and user friendly.” - Brandon Harris, Quality Home Inspection Services

“I find that the horizon reporting software is so superior to others that I have evaluated that there is no other choice. The support team that I have dealt with is also a 10.” – Robert Bushfield, Argus Home Inspection Services Inc

“I love the web based software. I am able to complete the professional report on the site using my tablet and print this out with my portable printer. I makes the competition look bad when they hand write their reports.” – Brian Walker, En-Vision Property Inspections

“The report system and service provided is fantastic!!” - Ivan Baker, Ivan Baker Home Inspections Inc

“I have used Horizon since I started Binder Home Inspections in 2007…would never think of switching to another…the service is impeccable.” - John Binder, Binder Home Inspections

“Great product; great support.” – David King, 1st Call Home Inspections Inc

“Horizon is my report software of choice because it is intuitive and very user-friendly. As a one-man shop who only does an occasional inspection, it enables me to compete with the “big boys” by providing my clients a high quality, thorough, informative and professional report in content and appearance.” – Roger Stagge, Solid Rock Home Inspection

“The Horizon software has allowed my business to move forward with wonderful reports. The Horizon team is always helpful. We have not had any difficulty with report delivery. The program is a “must have” for Home Inspectors.” – Ken Woolbright, Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC

“Horizon is an exceptional report writing software that has allowed me to provide outstanding inspection reports to my clients for about 5 years now. Since making the change from hand written reports, ie; Home Reference Book, Horizon has brought my Inspection services to a new and higher level of professionalism and quality.” -  Sean O’Driscoll, O’Driscoll Home Inspections Ltd

“My clients, attorneys and real estate agents all like the way the format and photos are blended together in an easy to understand report. Your system is always being updated and improved, I love it!” – R. J. Brucie, R. J. Brucie Property Inspections

“I would have said 10 but I might not want some people to have the same report writing as I do. I might want to keep a good thing to myself!” – Shawn Vincent, Peace of Mind Home Inspection Services

“Whether I am using the Home Reference Book, or the Horizon reporting system I am confident that my clients have the best home inspection reporting system available. One of my goals is to provide great service even after the inspection is complete. Your system helps me to better achieve this by been very user friendly and providing my clients the necessary information to answer their questions or concerns.” - Brian Stehr, Gas City Home inspections

“I call it. The. Harvard of. Home. Inspection software. Simply the best” – Timothy Martin Cole, Cole/Younger Home Inspections

“My clients find Horizon to be an easy to read and understand report. They appreciate how comprehensive it is along with the helpful links for more information. I personally like how it is packaged give it a very professional and polished look.” – Thomas Rando, ClearView Home & Property inspections

“Truly an amazing reporting system. Very easy to use and customize to your reporting needs. I would recommend it to any inspector looking for an edge in the industry” -  Kevin Baker, BC House Reports

“My very humble opinion is that Horizon is the best reporting software available because of the ability to produce such a complex report with such simplicity, it’s flexibility and the added benefit of the Carson Dunlop experience, quite frankly. Every change or update I’ve seen from Horizon has been a real significant value to the report writing process. They seem well thought out and intended as solutions to problems or voids. ” - Jeff Luther, Home-Probe

“It is fine.  I really appreciate how well all you communicate your product and entertain questions.  I have spoken to another gentleman there as well about some technical things and he seems to really listen and respond to inquiries.  Can’t think of his name at the moment, but I think some companies would have something to learn from all of you about customer service!  You do a fantastic job and it makes me know I made the right choice in using your product.” - Wes Brandenburger

“I am a current “Horizon subscriber and believe it to be second to none” – Richard Cummings

“Again.. Kris, I so appreciate your expert knowledge and teaching ability. You make learning a pleasure with your very polite and kind manner. I feel very comfortable talking with you. I also feel… thanks to both you and John… (He exhibits great customer service and caring also)..Horizon and TIPS will be great friends for a very long time. I am very happy with your service and your product. Consider my husband and I… satisfied customers.” - Nancy Anderson, TIPS Home Inspection

“I’ll tell you again, “Horizon Rocks!!”. Maybe I lead a boring life, but every time I hear of a “Horizon Update” I get excited!!” - Mark Hendley, Hendley Building Consultants

“I appreciate your email and subsequent phone call to ensure my world was a-ok. That is what customer service looks like! Thanks again.” – Tom Woolley

“Another great phenomenon resulting from uploading my Horizon reports… I wasn’t sending emails before. There was little or no communication outside of the actual inspection. The email is so immediately easy to reply to I get a greater tendency to receive feedback.

I also like the agent responses to the confirmation email.” - Gil Strachan – Electrospec Home Inspections

“Nice simple solution – I like it. I wasn’t expecting a solution this quickly.” - Dan Janidlo

“Wow guys, thanks for all the feedback. I’m always a bit floored when I get a full answer to one of my random questions. I’ve got anywhere from 2-4 new inspectors starting this year, and they’ll all use Horizon and the Carson Dunlop training program.” -Paul Sirois (Horizon partner since 2006)

“I have been using Horizon reporting since I started my business in 2006. It has provided me and my clients with user-friendly templates to clearly identify all areas of the home inspection. After observing many reporting systems available in the inspection industry, I have concluded that the Horizon reports are the most well received by clients and their agents. I use the PDA on site to enter all of my data and can simply sync the completed report back to the Horizon website, add photos, proof the report and send it to my clients. Whenever I work with new Realtors they are amazed that I can have the report completed and sent to them within an hour after the inspection. The quality of work that I provide to the client along with a great reporting system, ensures that the clients and their agents have a professional, well detailed report that is accessible anywhere that they have Internet access and in an easy clear format that they can work with.

The communication that I receive from Horizon is also amazing. I receive emails on a regular basis regarding updates, inspector hot line and company calendar information (holiday hours, etc). In fact, it has been so easy to use Horizon online I eliminated paper reporting in 2008. Feedback from my clients and Realtors was that the access that they had to the reports was more efficient than storing a binder in their home or office and they just downloaded a PDF copy of their report as backup.

My business has continued to grow since 2006. In difficult economic times and an uncertain real estate market I have grown my business by 38% in 2009 alone. My business and quality of reports continues to impress local agents who now refer me to their clients on a regular basis.

One last note, I called just last week to discuss credit purchases with Horizon. The Horizon consultant responsible for this was away at the ASHI conference, so the receptionist transferred me to Alan Carson himself. I was quite frankly floored to be speaking with one of the founders of Carson Dunlop. He was not only very friendly to speak with but he also went out of his way to ensure that I could take care of a last minute inspection going into the weekend. He did a great service for me and my client and then followed up via email to make sure that things had worked out well.

Thank you to Alan and to all of those at Horizon who work to assist me in providing a great service and professional reporting.” - Jeff Regnier, IntroSpect PHI

“I just wanted to pass on a thank you to your Horizon team. I had a problem loading the new upgrade in Horizon laptop, called John, made arrangements to drop by the office and had it repaired and loaded in no time. Excellent service!” - Wayne Fulton (Horizon reporting since Aug.2005)

“As with everything you offer it is the best!” - Doug Hastings, Instructor

“The ease of operation. Easy to find information – the reference links are very helpful. It has a very professional look that my clients appreciate receiving.” - Ron Westlake – Collingwood

“Welcome to the Premier Report Writing System. The HORIZON web based system removes the burden of updating and maintenance from us, so we can spend our time doing home inspections and better serving our customers.”

” The only Dynamic Online Reporting System. We get fewer calls from customers and agents, as the online report links make it easy for them to answer their own questions 24/7.” - David Steinman – Lancaster

“I can honestly say the following, without exaggeration: The photo update was the best of the many upgrades you have done in the past 18 months.  The automatic resizing of the photos saves me at least a half hour on each report.  It is a snap to put the photos right where I need them.

The Horizon Reporting system has resulted in very loyal broker clients and significant repeat business.  They tell me that their buyers love the report and that makes them look good as well.  I have heard nothing but positive feedback on the reports, most saying that they are impressed with the professional appearance and detail.

Since no one else in my market area uses Horizon, I have been able to raise my prices twice within the past year and still increase my business.  Some agents have been willing to wait up to two weeks for an appointment rather than use someone else.  One broker told me, “You really have us spoiled.”

Feel free to quote me if you wish. Choosing your reporting system over all the others I looked at was the smartest thing I ever did. Thanks for all your help.” - Tom Axelrad – Metairie

“I got my first compliment on the Horizon report writing system.  The purchaser was a banker – loan department.  He showed the report to several others in the bank, and they all praised the report.  They said it was the best home inspection report they had ever seen.” - G. Goldman -San Ramon

“So far your site is so simple I think I could have my grandchildren operating it in a few days.” As I told you, you had me at ‘Hello’. because I have been waiting for you guys to do something like this. I don’t think there is anything in the market even in the ballpark. You have hit this out of the park. The more I drill into it the more impressed I become.” - Chris Hilton – Winston-Salem

“I like the ease of use and the technical support from your staff.  The Horizon report is well liked by my customers.  I like how you can add photos to the report and the illustrations.” - Ron Westlake – Collingwood

“I like that I don’t have to go through lengthy phone queues to get the department I need. When I call I feel you are always ready willing and able to help. You guys are very good at listening, reacting to inspector needs and excellent in the way you respond to customers.

The new inspection reports are excellent! Being able to add Site Info and Appliance ancillary sections to my report is a bonus.

Picture management, resizing and storage feature is unbelievable.” - Steve Molnar – KARS

“Hello Alan, I am on a little crusade against bad inspection reports — that is good inspections that have no value to consumers because the reports are so “protected” that the consumer can’t figure out what is wrong.  It all started with a good inspection but a bad report that contained boiler plate that recommended 23 inspections by 10 different trades for a house that in fact needed the fuse panel changed for breakers, two plumbing traps changed and a bit of mortar patching — all for 2 to $3,000.  The 9 month old very good roof job was rated as “normal wear”, followed in the next sentence by the boiler plate that said that roofs should be inspected by specialists to assure that they do not leak and cause damage to the house.   The young couple estimated over $10,000 in additional inspections and tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and walked away from buying the house, probably from ever buying a house — at least as long as they hire that inspector.  An initial discussion with the inspection company gave the response that they had to protect themselves from liability.

But to make a long story short – I ranted a bit about this on the radio and received a series of inspection reports from consumers.  One of them was by one of your guys, linking to the Horizon web site.  Very nice indeed.  What I really liked about this report is that they have tons of your good boiler plate, but it was not mixed up with the specific inspection — it was relatively easy for the consumer to actually sort out what needed to be done, and what they as future homeowners should keep an eye on.

Good job!

I am starting a public campaign pushing consumers to ask for real inspection reports (with names and addresses removed) prior to hiring an inspector and that they should simply find another inspector if it is not obvious what is wrong (or right) with a given house.  My question to you is: How would you express or phrase what the consumer should be looking for (good and bad) in an inspection report?”

Jon Eakes

One of the nation’s leading experts on home repair and improvement. - Ask Jon Eakes

“Hi everybody, the new picture enhancements are sensational… Thanks” - Dick Schor – Nashville

“I have used Horizon, and my PDA since the application became available. I have found that besides myself, my customers prefer my Horizon reports to all others I have used. Word of mouth from clients, and preferred inspector status from several Real Estate firms have increased my sales so far in 2008 by 400%. This can be directly attributed not only to the quality of my inspection, but to the Horizon report for being specific to the house inspected, and includes pictures which bring each individual situation clearly to their attention. The PDA helps guide me through each aspect of the inspection, add specific little points easily, including serial numbers, etc. as I go along. Since using the Horizon Report System, I have never had a complaint from any customers I have done an inspection for. I only received high praise for the in-depth easy to understand report they receive, and an inspection they feel was well worth the money. I would also like to thank the support staff at Horizon for constantly consulting their users, and updating Horizon to make things easier for us to do our reports. A job well done.” - Dave Nelson – Ayton

“Horizon staff was patient and helpful with all my questions and the system was easy to get up and running.” - Chad Block – Drumheller

“I believe the upgrades will make an outstanding product even better. I am very pleased with the Horizon reports and my clients appreciate them as well.” - Bruce Thompson – Fenton

“I am very pleased with the Horizon reporting system. All the positive results & customer referrals have reduced my need to advertise, allowing those funds to go to other business expenses.” -Calvin McCafferty – Kingston

“Horizon produces a quality report that is easy to understand.” - Ron Duchesne – Musquodoboit Harbour

“I have found my overall experience with the Horizon report system very satisfying. The system is very user friendly and the reports are complete and professional. My clients are also very impressed with the system which only adds to the credibility of my company.” - Mark Diplock – Welland

“Your Horizon just keeps getting better. The new cover is amazing, so professional.

Here is a little note to tell you what happened to me last fall. As I am one of your few Home Inspectors in my area, the Real Estate Board invited me to their yearly conference for their Real Estate Agents. Needless to say once they saw my type of report, my Home Inspections – which did increase by over 50% last year have even increased already another 50% more this year. In fact this month of May is already 150% higher than last May.

Also this month a Home Inspection resulted in a buyer needing to get some downspouts added and roof fixed. The buyer phoned to tell me that the roofing company was able to give her a quote from just seeing the report with pictures and arrows showing what had to be done. The roofer was apparently very impressed.

I am also getting real estate agents from competing companies recommending me to the other offices.

“WOW!”  - P. Studholme – Haliburton

“In a world where there is much pain, suffering, moral collapse, and dishonesty in business you and your associates and your operation are a bright spot on the landscape. You are doing a great job and your service is worth every penny to me in my business.” - Larry Vernon – Cardston

“I attended the Live meeting last night. Thank you very much, it was very informative and it only solidified my decision in going with this system.” - Peppi LaRiccia – Ottawa

“Change is not always easy or fun but, switching to Discover Horizon’s scheduler has been both. It is a user friendly program that I have found to be simple to learn. The scheduler view is easy to look at and read. At one glance I tell which inspectors are where and for how long. When I’m on the phone with a client the speed and efficiency it provides are valuable tools. “

“It offers tons of flexibility to be able to check the schedule over the weekend or on the run without having to be at the office. Now, with Horizon’s scheduler it is really just a matter of pointing and clicking on the inspector and the time slot. It’s easy, visual, and quick! ” - Tracy Cotrell Home-Probe

“I really like the visual layout – how easy it is to see inspections – proves very quick when people call requesting a specific time/inspector, and how easy it is to transition from the scheduler page into booking. The booking screen flows really well – i.e. from customer information to quoting them a price.” - S. Vukelich

“Ease of use. User friendly.” - Cindy Barnes

“Thanks again, I really enjoy the support. BTW, John K. has been absolutely wonderful. He makes me feel right at home. I know I don’t have to worry about anything, when John has the reins!”

“The staff helped with all my questions and the system is easy to use.”

“It produces a quality report that is easy to understand.”

“The sales and tech rep remembered me from previous conversations. Also, I love the ease of the PDA version. Horizon is the most user-friendly inspection software I have used.”

“Even though there is still much to learn it is what the majority of our clients require so, it may take time, but at the end of the day, it is a very positive move forward.”

“I like the ease of use and the technical support from your staff. It is well liked by my customers. I like how you can add photos to the report and the illustrations.”

“John made me feel at ease, and offered all the assistance and helped me get the ball rolling. Once the service started, it never stopped.”

“Always trying to help in a courteous and professional manner.”

“The thing I like best about Horizon is the ease of use.”

“The staff is very helpful and easy to talk to.”

“I like the fact that it has very little down time and I can use it when and where I want.”

“The best thing is the ease of writing a good looking report.”

“The most valuable thing to me is the high quality of reports.”

“You give us a voice on concerns we might have.”

“Dealing with John and the sales team was professional and courteous.”

“A very easy transition to a new reporting system.”

“I spent a lot of time choosing my report format. I like Horizon because of the full-color illustrations that come standard and the ability to book inspections online and email customers. Overall, it is a top-tier system that I would recommend to everyone, but I won’t because I don’t want them to take my client base.”

“I love the fact that data is stored off site.”

“The best thing for me is the flexibility.”

“The ease of operation. Easy to find information – the reference links are very helpful.”

“It has a very professional look that my clients appreciate receiving.”

“I got the answers I needed to get back to work.”

“Its ease of use, intuitive menus, built in pictures and on-line software.”

Home owner comments about horizon inspection reports

I am thrilled with the results of the home inspection you did yesterday for me. Being overseas, it is certainly a leap of faith to make an offer on a property that I have not seen in person. Having you there, doing the work that you did, makes this a far easier process than I thought possible. Your efforts, on my behalf, are MOST appreciated.

The online home inspection report is wonderful! It answers many questions while providing me with an in-depth view of the property. The pictures are super, really giving me a level of detail I didn’t expect. The written detailed report is just fabulous. I appreciate all the hyper-links to real valuable information that I can use and reference in the future.

Thank you as well for the quick turn-around, that really makes a big difference for being able to make an offer today. Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

“Professionally written, good clear facts, addressed everything clearly, well laid out design” - Yvonne MacNeil

“The report was extremely thorough and professional. It was also organized well which made it easy to follow and understand.” - Robin Baniwal

“What I like about the reports is that it not only provides information about the home and what to keep an eye on, but also extensive reference material.” - Lucyna Zborzil

“The bottom line summary is a great idea, clearly identifies what the homeowner needs to focus on first. The breakdown of the report is great. Going section by section I can clearly see each component with the recommendations including diagrams and pictures of my personal home. The report looks great and is easy to read. It’s very useful having this document knowing that I can refer to it at any time in the future should an issue arise with my house”. - M.S.

“The report format and maintenance advice will continue to be useful throughout the time we live in the house”. - T.K.

“Armed with your personalized HORIZON Report, I know that I am making a very well-informed purchase decision”. - E.S.

“The report is very complete. For a layman like myself, it was very helpful to have both indoor and outdoor photos of the same problem with an easy to understand diagram (i.e. ice damming)”. - G.W.

“The report produced was very clear, informative, and very useful concerning my final decision to purchase”. - M.B.

Real estate professional comments about horizon inspection reports

“Hi, I just received an inspection you did. I am totally impressed!!

Please give me an “estimate of prices” that I may share with my Buyers – a broad range is fine. Also please let me know the geographical areas you cover. Provide me with everything I need to know about your service so I may recommend you. Please also send me 10-20 brochures and business cards. THANK-YOU – look forward to utilizing your service!” - C. Jackson, Buyer’s Agent & Real Estate Consultant

“In 30 years of real estate I have never seen such a thorough, professional, excellent inspection report and presentation as this.” - Coldwell Banker, NJ

“Pretty impressive package, covers it all & pictures are good to reinforce your points.” - M.M.