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Horizon FAQs

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You might have questions about Horizon. We’ve included answers to 20 common questions below. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, call us at 800-268-7070 extension 243 or email us at HORIZON@carsondunlop.com.

  1. What computer/technology do you recommend?
    • Almost any modern computer will operate Horizon.
    • For best results we recommend you use the latest browser version – Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to run Horizon?
    • No. There is an off-line version that you can use to write reports when you do not have Internet access.
  3. How is Horizon different than other software?
    • Horizon is the first web-based report writing solution for home inspectors.
    • Horizon leverages Carson Dunlop’s knowledge base with links to technical articles so that clients can get more information where they need it.
    • Horizon automatically inserts Carson Dunlop’s Illustrated Home images into reports saving you time and making you look good.
    • Horizon automatically inserts appropriate implications for issues identified in your reports.
    • Horizon uniquely integrates the report writing system with the work order and scheduling at the front end, and business reports and archiving on the back end.
    • You never risk losing your reports if your computer crashes because Horizon archives your reports on the Web.
  4. Can I include an executive summary with my reports?
    • Yes. With one click you can copy any of your recommendations to the summary.
  5. Do I need to include an executive summary?
    • No.
  6. Do I pay for support?
    • No.
  7. Do I pay for updates?
    • No.
  8. What if my client does not have Internet access?
    • Simply print the PDF report and deliver it to the client.
  9. What if my client loses their report?
    • It’s very easy to send them a new copy electronically since you can access your archives from anywhere you have Internet access.
  10. Can I have my own standard comments?
    • Absolutely.
  11. Does Horizon have spell check?
    • Yes.
  12. What if I have trouble finding the report item that I want to enter?
    • Horizon’s Find feature helps you quickly find any report item.
  13. Can I set up things to appear in every report?
    • Of course.
  14. Can I set things up so that I can make many entries at the same time on standard house types?
    • Yes, we call this feature Templates.
  15. Can I use my iPad to write reports?
    • Yes.
  16. Can I use my Android tablet to write reports?
    • Yes.
  17. Can I include a title page, cover letter, contracts and standards of practice with my report?
    • Yes.
  18. Can I add and edit photos and drop them into the report in exactly the right spot?
    • Absolutely.
  19. Can I include a photo of the front of the house on the title page?
    • Yes.
  20. Can I create multiple versions of reports?
    • Yes.