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“Coastal Inspection Services Inc recently made a strategic business decision to issue the Carson Dunlop eHRB (Kindle version) to ALL of our clients with each inspection we perform. The eHRB offering is a unique value-added service to our clients, and an exceptional differentiator for us in a competitive Home Inspection market. By providing sound information and support to our customers, we effectively reduce their total-cost-of-home-ownership – now and into the future.

The Home Reference Book eBook (eHRB) allows our clients to better understand their home, including the major systems and related components, with easy-to-read and understand explanations, and with ample illustrations to reinforce learning. The eHRB allows our customers to make personal notes on specific pages, highlight any text of interest, and search for key words – so navigating the 450 plus pages is very ‘user-friendly’, versatile and portable.

Some recent client comments include -

What a great book! Happy to have it on Kindle now.

That’s an impressive reference manual. I’m sure it’ll come in very handy.

I just downloaded it, and I’ve been reading it ever since. It is a very comprehensive reference, almost as good as having you here to answer questions!

Thank you Carson Dunlop…for developing and repurposing the Home Reference Book to the eBook format – an exceptional product, and a ‘must-have’ for anyone owning a home!”

Brad O’Connor BA, CMHI
Coastal Inspection Services Inc.
1-855-TO-INSPECT (864-6773)


“I would highly recommend the soft back HRB for anyone that is used to the system. It is a big improvement. Full color illustrations, and packed with more information. My clients love it.” – Richard Malin, Richard D. Malin & Associates, Inc.

“There’s no denying it, even if as a home inspector you have never used Carson Dunlop’s inspection reporting system, The Home Reference Book, you’ve undoubtedly heard of it and likely own a copy. I found this book to be an invaluable bridge between how I looked at old houses as a general contractor and how I saw them as a home inspector.” – Dave BottomsClick here to read the rest of his review

“The Home Reference Book is amazing, and the wealth of information provided within it is an asset that will help me maintain my property.” – T. Henderson

“I really like the Home Reference book. It is especially valuable for a first time home buyer.”  – P. & S. Winter

“It sets me ahead of the competition.  It is very well received by clients and realtors.” – RM

“…Those who received the Home Reference Book as inspection report were under the perception that they received a very thorough inspection, and quite a value.”  – ND

“I’ve found that clients greatly appreciate the book and its contents as well as the value they receive. On numerous occasions I have heard clients make comments such as “I can’t believe this is mine. During my last home inspection, the only thing I received was a few pieces of paper in a folder”. They also appreciate the convenience of having the reporting pages separate to the Reference Book. They also indicate that they look forward to perusing the new edition of the Home Reference Book. In closing, I can only say “great job” to the Carson Dunlop organization for their on-going efforts and devotion to the research, development and improvement of our industry.”  George Gouvianakis, Avenue Home Inspections Inc

“Providing our clients with a Horizon Report and the Home Reference Book has given them the best of both worlds. Home Buyers appreciate the convenience and completeness of the electronic Horizon report and everyone loves the look and feel of the Home Reference Book. The combination of the two has received unanimous approval from our clients, their realtors and our inspectors. It’s been very good for business.”  James Dobney, President of James Dobney Inspections.

“A good book, good service and good value!” Steve Love, McKenzie-Taylor & Associates Ltd

“Just a note to say I received the new Home Reference Book. Very nice job! Nice pages, easy to flip through, nice paper quality, nice colors, visually easy on the eyes…” - T. Walker, Carson Dunlop Graduate

“The people you have serving your clients are Professionals in their own right. I have had extremely good experiences with Angela when I order the Home Reference Manuals for my business. Thank you for letting me express my appreciation for your Product and your team.” - Steve Garland, R. Stephen Garland Inspection Services Inc.

“HRB delivery came right on time on the right day….no fuss, no muss! Thanks for the extra effort you guys make, to get these to us! It is greatly appreciated!” - Erica Bourgeois, James Dobney Inspections

“The best home inspection reference book bar none.” - RW

“It’s a great reporting system. I’m constantly trying to find a suggestion for improvement, but you’re always one step ahead of me.” - OH

“It is the most thorough reporting system available – the Mercedes Benz of reports!” - RR

“It sets me ahead of the competition. It is very well received by clients and realtors.” - RM

“In addition to a great inspection reporting system, it offers a wealth of information for the buyer.” - JS