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A Carson Dunlop Home Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of over 400 items in the home, from the roof to the basement. While this is an in-depth investigation of the home, the Technical Audit goes well beyond the professional Home Inspection. Using the elements of Home Inspection as a foundation, the Technical Audit is both broader and deeper than a Home Inspection. Let’s look at some of the differences.


A Technical Audit differs from a home inspection in two ways:

1. A Technical Audit utilizes a team of specialists looking at the house rather than a single generalist - as is the case in a Home Inspection. Each specialist looks at their respective system in considerably more detail than a professional home inspector. To use a medical analogy: a professional Home Inspector is much like a family doctor; both are general practitioners. A Technical Audit is more like a comprehensive health assessment that one might receive at a private clinic; both of these typically include several specialists.

2. A Technical Audit is much broader than a Home Inspection performed to the Standards of Practice of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, click here to see their standards. A Technical Audit includes items like an indoor air quality evaluation, an inspection for mold and asbestos, a video scan of the underground sewer pipe running out to the street, thermographic imaging using an infrared camera to look for hidden anomalies, an evaluation of wood burning appliances by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) specialist, an inspection of the swimming pool and spa if applicable, a termite inspection, a drinking water quality evaluation and a septic system evaluation.

Time Frame

A professional Home Inspection can typically be scheduled and completed within three business days, including delivery of the final report. A Technical Audit requires considerable coordination and typically a minimum of four weeks to compile and deliver all of the reports.

Customized Solutions and Costs

The scope of a professional Home Inspection is well-defined. The scope of the Technical Audit may vary depending on the property and its systems as well as on the needs of our client. The cost of a Home Inspection is typically in the hundreds of dollars. Technical Audits can be in excess of $20,000.  A non refundable retainer in the amount of 50% of the fee is required prior to the commencement work. To learn more about the Technical Audit, please call 800.268.7070.