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Specialty Services

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Carson Dunlop has partnered with a number of reputable and qualified companies to provide specialty services to our clients. These services complement our Home Inspections, targeting potential areas of concern which fall outside of the scope of a regular home inspection. This new program allows us to provide our clients and real estate partners with fast, easy and cost-effective access to qualified specialty service providers all within a single call. Another Carson Dunlop advantage.

Specialty Services:

Mold Inspections – A visual assessment and walkthrough of both interior and exterior areas to identify water damage, potential for moisture intrusion, and visible signs of mold growth or suspect mold growth.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections– A complete review of indoor air quality with a special hand-held monitoring system to test for temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (odours or chemical off-gassing), and dust. Mold Assessments can be bundled with the Indoor Air Quality Inspection.

Asbestos  Testing  – An inspection and test to determine if asbestos is present in building materials including roofing, siding, flooring, vermiculite insulation and pipe and duct wraps.

Pool Inspections & Water Leak Detection – A complete evaluation of the pool and equipment to determine and identify any potential issues. Non-invasive detection is conducted using electronic equipment to listen for leaks in the pool concrete structure, vinyl liner or fiber glass structure , plastic return, skimmer mouth fittings, drain fittings, underwater light fittings. The plumbing is also pressure tested to detect leakage in the underground pipes.

Septic Tank EvaluationInspection and certification of proper septic system function and capacity. They provide consulting on proper use, care and maintenance. This evaluation can be conducted for existing systems or new system additions for the issuance of a Building Permit.

Sewer Camera Inspections – A visual inspection of the internal workings of the drainage system using specialty camera equipment to identify immediate problems and highlight future concerns.

Termite Inspections – An investigation of the interior and exterior of the home looking for any evidence of termites or termite activity.

Thermal Imaging – The inspection consists of a thermal scan which provides infrared and digital images to identify hidden issues in the home such as, hidden water problems, missing or failing insulation, or areas of energy loss.

UFFI Testing – The home is inspected for the presence of Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation. If UFFI is identified, it is then tested for levels of formaldehyde gas.

Water Quality Evaluation –A visual assessment of the Well or Cistern to verify that it is functioning properly. Clients are provided with a certificate of potability. The inspection also consists of a loading test, tracer dye test, and bacterial water sample analysis. Chemical Water Sampling is also available. Septic Tank Evaluation can be bundled with Water Quality Evaluation.

WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) Inspections – A visual examination of wood burning appliances to verify the proper installation and clearance for safety and home insurability.

Our Specialty Service Providers:

Carson Dunlop has selected Specialty Service providers that align to our core values and standards of providing  customers with quality and professional services. Each company brings many years of experience in their respective industries, a proven track record of success, and exceptional customer service. 

Our Long Term Commitment:

A great inspection is just the beginning. Carson Dunlop provides FREE technical advice for as long as you own your home and many other benefits through our not-for-profit Homeowners Association to our clients. We are committed to helping clients make great decisions when dealing on their home. Our resource center provides you with helpful tips and advice that relate to your home. We wrote the book on home inspection!

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