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Condominium Inspection

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A Carson Dunlop Condominium Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the building systems and components within a condominium unit. Common elements are not included in the inspection since they are covered by the technical audit performed by the condominium corporation and are a shared responsibility among all unit owners. The inspection includes major appliances as well as maintenance and service issues for the unit. The inspection and written report provide the critical information needed to make an informed decision.

The Services Include:

An inspection of and consultation of the systems within the unit, focusing on functionality and long-term maintenance.
A detailed investigation of all major appliances.
A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances. Click here to see a sample report.
A detailed inspection report that documents the condition of systems, components and appliances, including illustrative photos and helpful maintenance information. Click here to see a sample report.
An optional warranty plan – the Horizon Home Warranty that provides coverage for breakdown of mechanical systems and appliances. This is important because a condo inspection cannot predict the future. To view the Horizon Home Warranty Appliance Coverage, click here . To view the Horizon Home Warranty Systems and Appliance Coverage, click here 

Our Long Term Commitment

At Carson Dunlop we are committed to helping owners make informed decisions. Our not-for-profit Homeowners Association further supports this vision, allowing our clients free access to exclusive deals and preferred pricing with our strategic partners. Our Resource Center provides you with helpful tips and advice on condominium ownership. As mentioned above, the Horizon Home Protection Plan helps to reinforce the support provided through our inspections by providing the security of a home warranty that we have designed specifically for condominium owners.

To learn more about condominiums, please visit the Condo Owners Association of Ontario.