With thousands of Horizon features and benefits, we have decided to maintain our philosophy of keeping things simple, fast and easy by showcasing our Top 10. Our Top 10 showcases the main reasons why more and more home inspectors are making the switch to Horizon.

Outstanding report qualityOutstanding report Quality

Driven by a clipboard-simple reporting input and fully integrated with a hugely powerful work order/scheduling system.

Cloud basedCloud Based

Scheduling, report writing and storage – so you can manage your business effortlessly from anywhere.



Work easily online or offline on desktop, laptop, tablets, iPad or Smartphones.

Reference materialReference Material

For your clients including illustrations from the Illustrated Home, technical articles from our knowledge base, and the complete text of the Home Reference Book – to enhance your credibility.

Database managementInteractive Agent Database Management

To help with your marketing and make you look good when booking inspections.

Report archivingReport Archiving

That provides access to reports from anywhere, searchable by several parameters, and a heads up when booking an inspection that tells you if you have inspected that home before.

Scheduling interfaceA remarkable Scheduling Interface

That allows you to move inspections, swap inspections between inspectors and prevents you from double booking yourself.

Business reportsBusiness Reports

That allow you to track your success, follow up with new agents and with agents that have stopped using you, and collect receivables easily and quickly.

Online bookingOnline Booking & Contract Acceptance

Convenience for your clients and agents on your website when you can’t be there to answer the phone. Your clients can read and accept your terms and conditions before the inspection, coupled with email confirmations and report delivery that puts you in control of your business, and makes you look like the professional you are.

MobileFlexible & Mobile Enabled

You can work online if you have internet access or offline if you don’t. Horizon runs on Laptops, tablet PCs, iPads and Android tablets. Mobile report writing is one thing. Having your whole company in your pocket takes things to a new level.

What Our Clients Say

  • I picked up two new agents this week when I did an inspection on a house they had listed.  Both were so impressed with the report format and the way I word things that they declared they were going to use me as their “go to” inspector.  My wording has not changed in the way I report items.  So that means all of the credit goes to the Horizon report format.

    Tim Fuller, Fuller Home Inspections

  • Fantastic reporting system! The best tool in any home inspector’s bag isn’t always in the bag.

    Steve Love, McKenzie-Taylor Associates Ltd

  • After finding Carson Dunlop Horizon software I quickly realized that this was by far the most comprehensive report I could use. The descriptions, limitations, recommendations, and the added feature of implications library has sped up my report writing time by hours. Not to mention the mobile app has become my best friend at the inspection site. It saves me at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours per inspection and my clients are very impressed with the final report. Horizon software is a great time saving product and has given me a definite edge in the inspection field.

    Troy Owen – Owen Home Inspection

  • As president of the NE chapter (ORCIA, Oklahoma Residential Commercial Inspection Association) I meet with many inspectors monthly. I have looked at and tried many different inspection software programs. I have the best looking, easiest to understand report of any of them! I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know I appreciate your services and quick response when things go awry. Keep up the great work.

    Ken Woolbright, Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC