Technical Audit

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A Carson Dunlop Home Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of over 400 items in the home, from the roof to the basement. While this is an in-depth investigation of the home, the Technical Audit goes well beyond the professional Home Inspection. Using the elements of Home Inspection as a foundation, the Technical Audit is both broader and deeper than a Home Inspection. Let’s look at some of the differences.

A Technical Audit differs from a home inspection in two ways:

  1. A Technical Audit utilizes a team of specialists looking at the house rather than a single generalist – as is the case in a Home Inspection. Each specialist looks at their respective system in considerably more detail than a professional home inspector. To use a medical analogy: a professional Home Inspector is much like a family doctor; both are general practitioners. A Technical Audit is more like a comprehensive health assessment that one might receive at a private clinic; both of these typically include several specialists.
  2. A Technical Audit is much broader than a Home Inspection performed to the Standards of Practice of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. A Technical Audit includes items like an indoor air quality evaluation, an inspection for mold and asbestos, a video scan of the underground sewer pipe running out to the street, thermographic imaging using an infrared camera to look for hidden anomalies, an evaluation of wood burning appliances by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) specialist, an inspection of the swimming pool and spa if applicable, a termite inspection, a drinking water quality evaluation and a septic system evaluation.

Time Frame

A professional Home Inspection can typically be scheduled and completed within three business days, including delivery of the final report. A Technical Audit requires considerable coordination and typically a minimum of four weeks to compile and deliver all of the reports.

Customized Solutions and Costs

The scope of a professional Home Inspection is well-defined. The scope of the Technical Audit may vary depending on the property and its systems as well as on the needs of our client. The cost of a Home Inspection is typically in the hundreds of dollars. Technical Audits can be in excess of $20,000. A non refundable retainer in the amount of 50% of the fee is required prior to the commencement work. To learn more about the Technical Audit, please call 800.268.7070.

What Our Clients Say

  • Fast turnaround time from request; thorough, good and honest advice re fix-ups aspects and a great reputation for prospective home buyers. One of our client purchasers called Carson Dunlop the ‘Cadillac of home inspections’!

    E.D.; Real Estate Agent

  • I appreciate that the Carson Dunlop inspectors are thorough and not only will bring items of concern to the attention of my buyers but also contextualize their findings to demonstrate how a home compares to neighbouring homes.

    B.W.; Real Estate Agent

  • The inspector was very thorough and took the time to explain everything; the value-added extras such as the report on the school district, drug house check, and recalled appliance checks were invaluable added surprises.

    M.J.; Home Buyer

  • The bottom line summary is a great idea, clearly identifies what the homeowner needs to focus on first. The breakdown of the report is great. Going section by section I can clearly see each component with the recommendations including diagrams and pictures of my personal home. The report looks great and is easy to read. It’s very useful having this document knowing that I can refer to it at any time in the future should an issue arise with my house.

    M.S.; Home Owner