Horizon Home Warranty

Download Free Sample Home Inspection Report!

Download Free Sample Home Inspection Report!

Our Warranty picks up where the home inspection leaves off. Even Carson Dunlop inspectors cannot see through walls or predict the future! The Horizon Home Warranty provides added protection for you and your family.

Unexpected breakdowns are a fact of life. The single largest problem faced by homeowners is the high cost of repair or replacement of mechanical systems or appliances. These breakdowns are not only inconvenient, they can pose significant financial challenges, which is why Carson Dunlop has launched the Horizon Home Warranty.

With Warranty Plans starting at less than $18 per month, you get cost effective, comprehensive protection against breakdowns. The Horizon Home Warranty provides the added protection that you deserve by delivering:

Extensive Home Coverage: No other warranty offers you the choice for up to $30,000 in total coverage, picking up many components that are excluded in other programs.

Greater Security: Eliminate the need to scramble for the money to pay for unexpected repairs or replacement.

Convenient: Qualified professionals in all fields are available with a single phone call. No need for a rushed contractor search, hoping to find one that is available, competent and fairly priced.

Affordable: Protect your home with plans starting at less than $18 per month.

The Horizon Home Warranty pays for itself not only with the security you receive, but with the savings you will realize when appliances or mechanical systems fail. It is common for at least one mechanical system or appliance to need repair or replacement during any given year. According to Marshall and Swift, ConsumerReports.org, and UNIRISC, the average life expectancy and cost to repair or replace home systems and appliances are included below:


Life Expectancy

Replacement Cost

 Repair Cost

Furnace, Boiler

10 to 18 years



Air Conditioner Compressor

10 to 15years



Stove (Cook top or Range)

13 to 15 years

$500 – $2,000+



13 to 15 years

$500 – $2,500+



13 to 15 years

$800 – $1,800



10 to 15 years

$700 – $2,000 +



8 to 10 years

$150 – $800


Garbage Disposal

8 to 10 years

$250 – $500+


Clothes Washer

11 to 14 years

$500 – $1,000


Clothes Dryer

13 to 14 years

$500 – $800


Garage Door Opener

8 to 10 years

$300 – $500


Central Vacuum

12 to 15 years

$500 – $1,000+





Based on an average life expectancy of 15 years for appliances and mechanicals, a homeowner should budget $1,000 per year for replacement items and $200 per year for repairs. The annual cost of the Horizon Home Warranty is roughly 1/3 of what you should budget for on an annual basis.

Give yourself the added protection you deserve with the Horizon Home Warranty.

Call 416-964-9415 (800-268-7070) now to get protected.

What Our Clients Say

  • The inspector was very thorough and took the time to explain everything; the value-added extras such as the report on the school district, drug house check, and recalled appliance checks were invaluable added surprises.

    M.J.; Homebuyer

  • The bottom line summary is a great idea, clearly identifies what the homeowner needs to focus on first. The breakdown of the report is great. Going section by section I can clearly see each component with the recommendations including diagrams and pictures of my personal home. The report looks great and is easy to read. It’s very useful having this document knowing that I can refer to it at any time in the future should an issue arise with my house.

    M.S.; Homeowner