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“I have recently completed 5 of your courses, and they were the absolute best courses I’ve ever taken in any continuing education program! I have learned so much about structures and construction that every time I started a course I could not put it down until I finished! It was presented in such a very clear and easy to comprehend format, that after every topic I found myself thinking “yes, I understand “. I will most definitely be taking the remaining courses.” - Fausto P.

“I am a huge fan of your courses! They contain extremely valuable information and are well presented. The best of the Real Estate courses that are offered. Keep up the good work.” - Lynn S.

“I enjoyed this course. I learned a great deal about landscaping and water control. I feel your courses are very informative and very well presented.”- John P. M.

“The Architectural Styles course was very informative and after practicing Real Estate for 16 years, it was an enjoyment to learn so much that was new and refreshing.” - Tony K.

“The roofing module was extremely interesting and educational. The depth and scope of the module was similar to viewing a room through a keyhole. A small thing yielding a huge visual.” - Arah C.

“My feeling is through this type of correspondence you learn more. Thought this method was excellent.” - Ian P.

“I have found all the courses very informative. It has been a pleasure taking them. Let me commend Carson Dunlop for putting them on. Even after 25 yrs in the business, I still have a lot to learn. Thank you!” - Gus T.

“Good overall program, look forward to doing the next one.” - Armand P.

“I’ve taken four of your courses and have enjoyed all of them. They’re informative and not too drawn out.” - Helen P.

“Great overview! Very informative, brief and concise.” - David A.

“I think this is a great idea and very informative. I would be very interested in doing more of these courses. It’s definitely one of the best continuing education courses I have taken so far.” - John S.

“Wonderful books – well-illustrated and laid out” - Norman M.

“VERY informative and easy to digest, diagrams help. Enjoyed the course” - Thomas H.

“It would be wise for a buyer to take this course before engaging a home inspector.” - Kevin G.

“More courses please.” - James B.

“A welcome addition to my library.” - Hugh B.

“I find your courses very useful and the reference material is good for future reference.” - Nick L.

“I am finally learning something about electricity – excellent course. Good detailed drawings, good quizzes, etc.” - Harold I.

“Very good topics that each real estate salesperson must learn.” - Loreto U.

‘Have taken several courses with Carson Dunlop and have found all to be interesting and informative as well as easy to comprehend and absorb.” - Tom H.

“Response to forwarding materials was excellent.” - Charles P.

“One of the most enjoyable courses I have taken.” - Ida-Mae H.

“Found it very informative and helpful. Very straight-to-the-point information and giving the realtor skills we can use right away. Good job!” - Aqil A.

“I like this way of receiving credits. Keep up the lessons, much appreciated. I really learn something from these courses.” - David P.

“I’m surprised how much I learned, especially considering I’ve paid attention to architecture. I liked the “historical evolution” approach. Great pics – very helpful! Thank you!” - Ellen K.

“Awesome review!” - Katherine T-H.

“Enjoyed this course and will apply content learning into practice. Really like having the course guide as a source for future reference.” - Loretta B.

“I learned so much about structure and construction of roofs, the Carson Dunlop correspondence courses are the best.” - Anakhvir S.

“Excellent overview of topic for general knowledge. Some diagrams were exceptionally appropriate for better understanding.” - M. Bebluk

“Great way to do courses – sitting in my family room with my feet up reading!” - A. Klassen

“This course has definitely enhanced and sharpened my knowledge – Thanks!” - D. Saroya

“Your courses are terrific! I am learning so much and look forward to taking more of your courses. ” - S. Frankforth