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List of Distance Education Courses

For real estate sales professionals, continuing education is a key element to success. In today’s fast paced environment, knowledge is power. Carson Dunlop’s 19 richly illustrated courses provide real estate sales professionals with clear, simple information on how the major components of a home operate. These courses were approved by the Registrar, REBBA 2002 to qualify for CE credits. Each course typically qualifies for 3 CE credits.

  Residential Cooling Systems and Insulation – 3 CE credits
This course outlines the basics of residential air conditioning, heat pumps, and insulation. The discussion includes specialized systems, common insulation materials, and discussions of frequent misconceptions. It will help you determine types of systems and whether they are operating properly. Click here to buy now.
  Residential Electrical Systems and Appliances - 3 CE credits
This course outlines the basics of residential electricity, panels, breakers and wiring. It looks at common problems, safety, and materials and installation. The appliances section discusses common household appliances including how they work and the most common problems encountered. Click here to buy now.
  Residential Heating - 3 CE credits
This course outlines the basics of residential heating systems including types, common fuels, delivery, and operating problems. Life expectancy, efficiency and safety are all discussed. Hot water boilers and steam and electric systems are examined, with an emphasis on failure probability and safety. Click here to buy now.
  Residential Interiors - 3 CE credits
This course examines the most common finishing materials used in the home, including strengths and weakness of each. Many of the smaller but more expensive interior finishes are discussed including the assets and problems of windows, doors, trim and stairs. Common types of fireplaces and wood stoves are reviewed, with an emphasis on safety and operation. Finally, basement leakage and how to identify and prevent or cure the problem is considered. Click here to buy now.
Residential Plumbing Systems - 3 CE credits
This course discusses water supply systems and distribution piping in the house, including common materials as well as conventional and tankless water heaters. Waste systems address common and specialty systems and the potential difficulties encountered. Plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, tubs and showers are considered with a focus on health and safety. Click here to buy now.
  Residential Roofing and Exteriors - 3 CE credits
This course includes discussions on common roofing materials, their installation, wear factors and life expectancies. Flashings, chimneys and gutters and grading are also addressed. Walls, doors, windows and trim materials, problems and interactions are examined. We end with exterior structures including decks, garages and walls, focusing on construction practice, problems, and safety. Click here to buy now.
  Residential Structures - 3 CE credits
This course explains footings and foundations, their materials and common problems. We move on to the components of floors and wall systems, including both common and less common systems. Roof systems including rafters, and truss, as well as chimneys and structural problems are also discussed. Building materials, safety and failure are all examined. Click here to buy now.
Architectural Styles Architectural Styles - 3 CE credits
This engaging course provides a wonderful illustrated perspective on common architectural styles and elements of homes. It will reinforce your ability to recognize and describe architectural features of homes. From Georgian to Tudor to Queen Anne to Craftsman, all of the commonly found North American home types are identified with beautifully drawn illustrations. Click here to buy now.
 Surface Water Control & Landscaping Surface Water Control and Landscaping - 3 CE credits
The title is a mouthful, but the issue is simple – wet basements. The connection between the ground outside the home and wet basements is not apparent to most people, and this course talks in depth about the causes and solutions for wet basements. Retaining walls are also covered in this nicely-diagramed program. Click here to buy now.
  Exterior Structures - 4 CE credits
Do they matter? We think so, and so do most homeowners. The things on the outside of homes – garages, carports, porches, decks, balconies, stairs and railings are exposed to the elements and are expensive to maintain and to replace. We talk about the materials used in these systems, and where problems usually develop. We also talk a little about safety, especially the danger of falling. Click here to buy now.
  Getting Electricity Into the House - 4 CE credits
This course addresses one small piece of the electrical puzzle; how electricity gets from the street to the house electrical panel. We explain some basics of electricity, in simple terms meaningful to non-electricians – things like Volts, Amps and Watts. We also address service size – how much electricity does a house need? Do the illustrations help? Absolutely! Click here to buy now.
  Commercial Roofing - 3 CE credits
This course describes the common type of commercial roofing, complete with illustrations and photographs. It includes an explanation of key roofing terms. You will learn how to look at these systems and identify typical problems. If you need to know IRMA from EPDM, this program is for you! Click here to buy now.
  Commercial Building Structures - 3 CE credits
This course outlines the basic components of commercial buildings and discusses the role of each structural element, including footings, piles, foundations, beams, girders, curtain walls and open web steel joists. You will learn how to recognize frequently occurring performance problems. Illustrations and photos make the learning easy. Click here to buy now.
  Plumbing: Supply, Drain, Waste and Vent - 3 CE credits
This richly-illustrated course provides an introduction to the house plumbing system and describes how water is distributed through the home, as well as how waste is removed. You will learn about the relationship between pressure and flow. We also explain traps and venting – a poorly understood part of the plumbing system. Click here to buy now.
  Wells, Pumps and Septic Systems - 3 CE credits
This course provides an overview of wells, both shallow and deep. You will learn about submersible pumps and jet pumps as well as expansion tanks. Many common problems with these systems are described.  We also address septic systems including tile beds and septic tanks. Click here to buy now.
  Wood Burning Fireplaces - 3 CE credits
Footings, hearths, fireboxes, dampers, throats, flues and chimneys are all described in illustrated detail. Once the descriptions are done and components and functions are understood, we move on to the common fireplace problems, discussing how to recognize them and what they mean to homeowners. Click here to buy now.
  The Home Inspection Process - 3 CE credits
Making It Work for You – This course delivers a clear, simple message about what home inspections are and are not, and how professional home inspectors should behave. We also address the question of how real estate professionals can work effectively with home inspectors to provide great service for clients. Click here to buy now.
  Forced Air Gas Heating - 3 CE credits
Ever wonder how a furnace works, or why it doesn’t? Confused about efficiency and life expectancy? What’s the difference between draft air and combustion air? Why are some rooms always cold? This course sheds some light, while avoiding all the complex engineering jargon. Typical of our courses, the illustrations are extremely helpful. Click here to buy now.
  Marijuana Grow Houses - 1 CE credit
A common question in the Real Estate world today – how can I tell if this house has been used as a Grow House? This course was designed to help real estate professionals identify past Grow Houses. Click here to buy now.