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“Enjoyed the course immensely. Good review of structures for real estate appraisers.” - R. Joudrey

“I’ve taken four of your courses and have enjoyed all of them. They’re informative and not too drawn out.” - Helen P.

“Great overview! Very informative, brief and concise.” - David A.

“I think this is a great idea and very informative. I would be very interested in doing more of these courses. It’s definitely one of the best continuing education courses I have taken so far.” - John S.

“Wonderful books – well-illustrated and laid out” - Norman M.

“I am a huge fan of your courses! They contain extremely valuable information and are well presented. The best of the Real Estate courses that are offered. Keep up the good work.” - Lynn S.

“I enjoyed this course. I learned a great deal about landscaping and water control. I feel your courses are very informative and very well presented.”- John P. M.

“The roofing module was extremely interesting and educational. The depth and scope of the module was similar to viewing a room through a keyhole. A small thing yielding a huge visual.” - Arah C.

“My feeling is through this type of correspondence you learn more. Thought this method was excellent.” - Ian P.

“I have found all the courses very informative. It has been a pleasure taking them. Let me commend Carson Dunlop for putting them on. Even after 25 yrs in the business, I still have a lot to learn. Thank you!” - Gus T.

“Good overall program, look forward to doing the next one.” - Armand P.

““VERY informative and easy to digest, diagrams help. Enjoyed the course” - Thomas H.

“It would be wise for a buyer to take this course before engaging a home inspector.” - Kevin G.

“More courses please.” - James B.

“A welcome addition to my library.” - Hugh B.

“I find your courses very useful and the reference material is good for future reference.” - Nick L.

“I am finally learning something about electricity – excellent course. Good detailed drawings, good quizzes, etc.” - Harold I.

“Very good topics that each real estate salesperson must learn.” - Loreto U.

‘Have taken several courses with Carson Dunlop and have found all to be interesting and informative as well as easy to comprehend and absorb.” - Tom H.

“Response to forwarding materials was excellent.” - Charles P.

“One of the most enjoyable courses I have taken.” - Ida-Mae H.

“Found it very informative and helpful. Very straight-to-the-point information and giving the realtor skills we can use right away. Good job!” - Aqil A.

“I like this way of receiving credits. Keep up the lessons, much appreciated. I really learn something from these courses.” - David P.

“I’m surprised how much I learned, especially considering I’ve paid attention to architecture. I liked the “historical evolution” approach. Great pics – very helpful! Thank you!” - Ellen K.

“Awesome review!” - Katherine T-H.

“Enjoyed this course and will apply content learning into practice. Really like having the course guide as a source for future reference.” - Loretta B.

“I learned so much about structure and construction of roofs, the Carson Dunlop correspondence courses are the best.” - Anakhvir S.

“Excellent overview of topic for general knowledge. Some diagrams were exceptionally appropriate for better understanding.” - M. Bebluk

“Great way to do courses – sitting in my family room with my feet up reading!” - A. Klassen

“This course has definitely enhanced and sharpened my knowledge – Thanks!” - D. Saroya

“Your courses are terrific! I am learning so much and look forward to taking more of your courses. ” - S. Frankforth