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Building IllustrationsThe Illustrated Home

Our picture book of homes is an e-book with over 1700 color illustrations of construction details. It’s a great resource for you and your clients. Owning the Illustrated Home has additional privileges. You receive permission to use selected illustrations in your marketing materials.

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The Home Reference Book – Don’t Leave Home without It

Home Inspection ReportingWith roughly 500 color illustrations, the Home Reference Book is written to help people understand how homes work and why they sometimes don’t. It provides great insight at a simple, straightforward level. From bay windows to basement leakage, the Home Reference Book helps homes make sense. This text helps to educate homeowners with important information – like our Life Cycles and Costs section, which details a quick overview of what it costs to replace a roof or furnace, add central air conditioning, etc. It also provides an indication of how long house systems and components typically last. It’s incredibly valuable for anyone involved with residential real estate.

Available both as a paperback and eBook, the Home Reference Book continues to help homeowners protect their most valuable assets.

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