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Annual Roof Assessment Program

Be informed and prepared. Carson Dunlop Weldon and Associates, with over 30 years of experience, provides annual condition assessments of your roofs. This program of annual roof inspections will track and monitor the age and condition of your roofing systems. Although conducting a one-time roof assessment provides practical information on the condition of a roof, annual recorded assessments can more accurately predict the remaining life expectancy of the roofing systems and allow for proactive maintenance. These steps will extend the life of your roofing systems. Protect your investment.

Why perform an Annual Roof Assessment?

  • Your roof may be the single most expensive building component that you will need to replace
  • Protect your investment by preventing unforeseen roof repairs, replacements and minimize overall building maintenance costs
  • Prevent leaks before they occur and damage the building interior or disrupt operations

When should a Roof Assessment be performed?

  • An assessment can be conducted anytime, weather dependent
  • However, it is best to undertake the assessment in the spring following the snow melt. At this time, we can identify harsh winter weather damage


  • Drawing illustrating all roof areas, roof drains, skylights, and rooftop equipment.
  • Identification of weathered, deteriorated and damaged sections of roof membrane and associated components
  • Photographs of conditions noted
  • Recommended remedial actions with budget cost estimates

Our services:

  • Roof condition assessments
  • Green Roof consulting
  • Cut tests
  • Infrared thermography (roof scans)
  • Project management

Why CDW?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Unbiased assessments and recommendations – we do not offer contracting services
  • Specialists in building condition assessments

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