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“Commercial Inspections are great because they are business transactions and therefore much less emotional. Scheduling is actually easier and there has always been adequate time to prepare the report. This work also is more profitable than a typical home inspection. The CDW program was a tremendous help in getting our commercial inspection business up and going years ago.” – Jim Johnson, Toledo OH

“We make 40% more per day on commercial inspections than home inspections. And it’s nice not to have to deal with the emotions of a homebuyer.” – Phil Thornberry, Indianapolis IN

“It was an excellent program. We were doing a few commercial inspections, but this program helped us do it right and grow substantially. And we were able to increase our fees, which paid for the course!” – Jeff Luther, Atlanta GA

“The course was not only highly informative but professionally presented. Well worth the expense”. – Neil DePasquale, Mamaroneck, New York

“The course was excellent and in depth. From a commercial appraiser perspective, it should be added to the Appraisal Institute’s (in Chicago) course selection”. – Ray Manning, Mineola, New York

‘Learned a lot. Gave me a good base”. – Rod MacKinnon, Summerside, PEI

“Great job!” – Roger Chamberland, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Impressed with the knowledge of the Instructor, the organization of materials and professionalism”. – Leslie Ruffin, Washington, D.C.

“ I have been to many inspection courses and seminars in the past 20 years and this was by far the best. I especially appreciate your professionalism and preparedness. I’m not one who is easily impressed, but I will highly recommend your course”. – Tom Comella, Valhalla, New York

“This course provided an excellent resource for building the commercial side of our business!” – Rod MacGillivray, Baden, Ontario

“This was all excellent. Right on target for what I needed. Perfect.” – Ed Ellington, Milwaukee, Wisconsin