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Commercial Building Inspection Courses

The goal of the Carson Dunlop Weldon and Associates (CDW Engineering), Commercial Building Inspection Course (CBIC) is:

  • To help experienced real estate professionals expand their knowledge base of commercial building structures and systems.
  • To help experienced home inspectors expand their business to include commercial building inspections.
  • To assist all in understanding the scope of work for performing a Property Condition Assessment (PCA), in accordance with the ASTM Standard E2018-08.

The course covers a wide variety of material including technical topics, business issues, the scope of work, fee quoting, proposal and report writing, cost estimating and risk management. A recurring theme in the course is the use of the TEAM (Technical Experts And Management) approach for performing PCAs.

The following modules are included in the course:

Business Issues Consultants – The TEAM Scope of Work
Roofing Exterior Structure
Plumbing Electrical Heating
Ventilation Air-Conditioning Interior & Insulation
Proposals & Contracts Risk Management Report Writing
Cost Estimating Specialty Inspection Areas Quoting Fees